This is a men’s product which comes in various forms, but the most common ones are gels, lotions and balms.  It is designed to help reduce razor burn, and keep the oisturized.  It typically has a very subtle fragrance.
Bath and Shower Gel
This is a jelly like substance, lightly scented and used to moisturize and cleanse the skin hile bathing. It does not produce a lot of lather or suds like regular bar soap, so it’s mostly used for light bathing.
Body Lotion
This is a light, fluid substance made up of water and il, used to hydrate the skin. It is sometimes more convenient to use because it can cover large areas of the skin and absorb more quickly than body cream.
Body Cream
This is very similar to lotion, but is thicker and therefore does not spread as evenly as lotion. It is used for the dryer areas of the body or areas that need extra moisture, like knees, elbows and feet.
Body Oil
This is oil specially formulated to moisturize the skin and is infused with various plant extracts, giving it a light scent.  It absorbs quickly, and leaves a shiny, oft result. It works best if applied directly after bathing.
This is a substance which is designed to help counteract sweat and body odor. It comes in both solid and gel forms.Eau de Parfum
This is the most prevalent form on the market. It is less expensive than perfume extract, yet still provides a scent that is everlasting.It has a perfume concentrate range of approximately 7-15%. The higher the perfume concentrate, the more intense and lingering, the scent.
Eau de Toilette
This is a splash more than anything, with a perfume concentrate range anywhere from 1-6%. The scent diminishes much more quickly, \r\ncompared to Eau de Parfum.
Eau de Cologne
This is often confused with Eau de Toilette because they are essentially the same thing; however, this form is quite light with higher amounts of citrus oils. It is also known as eau fraiche.
This is a fragrant liquid composed of scented oils and alcohol, typically worn by males.