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Store Description This description is solely provided by a1Components
a1Components is an independent distributor. We specialize in satellite TV parts, tools and accessories, consumer electronics, and networking cabling and connectors.
Customer Service
Corporate Address 1717 North 20th
Springfield, IL 62702
Phone 1-888-263-6435
Live Chat No
Phone Ordering
Phone 1-888-263-6435
Payment Methods
American Express
Money Order
Special Services
Customer's Info is Confidential
Available 24 Hours a Day
On-line Order Tracking System
Live Customer Representative
International Shipping Available
Secure Ordering/Payment
On-line Ordering Shopping Cart System
Delivery Options
UPS Ground
UPS 2nd Day
State Sales Tax
a1Components collects sales tax in the following states:


Return Policy
We want to make sure you're completely satisfied with anything you buy from us. If you're not completely satisfied with a Product, a1Components will gladly exchange or refund your purchase within 30 days of the sale date-no hassles. Shipping is not refundable unless the product is DOA. ALL non-defective free shipping items will be charged a restocking fee to cover the UPS shipping charges incurred by us. You must notify us of DOA or damaged products within 3 days of receipt.