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AAA Sports Memorabilia

AAA Sports Memorabilia

Store Description This description is solely provided by AAA Sports Memorabilia
Authentic autographed sports memorabilia and collectibles of your favorite teams and athletes. All items are guaranteed for life to be authentic.
Customer Service
Corporate Address 13592 70th Avenue N.
Maple Grove, MN 55311
Phone 952-292-8160
Live Chat No
Phone Ordering
Phone 952-292-8160
Payment Methods
American Express
Money Order
Bank card
Special Services
Customer's Info is Confidential
Available 24 Hours a Day
On-line Order Tracking System
Secure Ordering/Payment
On-line Ordering Shopping Cart System
One-Click Ordering
Guaranteed Security
Delivery Options
UPS Ground
USPS Priority Mail
State Sales Tax
AAA Sports Memorabilia collects sales tax in the following states:


Return Policy
Restocking Fee Yes
100% Satisfaction Guarantee Yes
AAA Sports Memorabilia guarantees that all items are as described and that all autographs are authentic. If you are not satisfied, your item can be returned with original packaging and Certificates of Authenticity within 14 days.