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US Medical Supplies

US Medical Supplies

Store Description This description is solely provided by US Medical Supplies
Welcome to U.S. Medical Supplies. We are one of the largest online medical product suppliers with over 12,000 discounted items. All of our products are shipped free of charge anywhere within the continental US. With our 15 years of experience in the supply business you can be assured of the best pricing and delivery. Consumables will be shipped within 24 hours. Larger items will be directly shipped from the manufacturer.
Customer Service
Corporate Address 3901-A Commerce Park Drive
Raleigh, NC 27610
Phone 1-800-790-4792
Live Chat Yes
Phone Ordering
Phone 1-800-790-4792
Payment Methods
American Express
Personal Check
Money Order
Bank card
Special Services
Customer's Info is Confidential
Available 24 Hours a Day
Live Customer Representative
Secure Ordering/Payment
On-line Ordering Shopping Cart System
One-Click Ordering
Guaranteed Security
State Sales Tax
US Medical Supplies collects sales tax in the following states:



North Carolina

Return Policy
Restocking Fee Yes
You have 10 days to return our items. To view our full policy, please go to the following website: