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Lenox (Official Store)

Lenox (Official Store)

Average Rating 3.67/5.0 store rating 3 store reviews
Customer Service 3
On-Time Delivery 2
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by: lindablevins
August 22, 2009
Author's Rating: 4/5.0 store rating
Customer Service: 4/5.0 store rating
On-Time Delivery: 5/5.0 store rating
Gold Metal Spinning Ornament Tree # 815063A

I ordered the Gold Metal Spinning Ornament Tree from Lenox and it is not worth $59 + about $20 delivery charge.

 It is made from plastic and cheap metal, it's flimsy and not suitable to hang breakable or keepsake ornaments.  It's is unique because it spins with the use of batteries, however, if the batteries have to be changed, you need to remove the ornaments, turn the base upside down and remove the lid on the bottom of the base...very inconvenient. 

Not worth the $$$.

by: jdhauer
December 13, 2007
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
Customer Service: 5/5.0 store rating
On-Time Delivery: 5/5.0 store rating
As a housewarming present seven years ago, I received a Lenox Butler's Pantry 3 Part Hors D'Ouvres platter. I loved this tray and used it often when entertaining. Unfortunately, a friend was helping me clean up last year after a party and she ...
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by: vlgrunsted
September 23, 2006
Author's Rating: 2/5.0 store rating
Customer Service: 3/5.0 store rating
On-Time Delivery: 2/5.0 store rating
Product: Lenox Personalized Wedding Promises® Unity Candleholder# 087275A

8/17/06 - Placed Lenox order online for the "Lenox Personalized Wedding Promises Unity Candleholder". Received email confirmation - both the Lenox website and the email said "Please allow three weeks to personalize and ship." No problem - the wedding's not until 9/26/06. How wrong I was.

9/7/06 - Three (3) weeks from the date of the order - no word from Lenox

9/13/06 - Spoke with Lenox online customer service - order is still at factory for engraving - no estimated time of shipment. Decided to order a back-up Unity candle holder at, with expedited shipping.

9/19/06 - Lenox emailed that they shipped the order via FedEx Smartpost. Talked to Lenox customer service since does not recognize the tracking number -> FedEx Smartpost apparently is now (?!?)

9/22/06 - Still nothing - my wedding is in 4 days and there is no shipment status available on :-(

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