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Average Rating 2/5.0 store rating 3 store reviews
Customer Service 1
On-Time Delivery 1
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by: Shopper
December 10, 2011
Author's Rating: 4/5.0 store rating
bottom pan was brokin.

by: josefrio
July 23, 2007
Author's Rating: 1/5.0 store rating
I placed an order and got

Order Confirmation

Your order # is:

Webcom.WebOrder.1 error '80004005'

Error: A successful WSAStartup must occur before using this function.

/final.asp, line 125

Nuff said.

by: rockpages
July 13, 2007
Author's Rating: 1/5.0 store rating
Customer Service: 1/5.0 store rating
On-Time Delivery: 1/5.0 store rating
The e-mail I received 2 days after ordering and paying for my order was: "...Dear (Customer), Thank you for your order. All available merchandise for your order # WXXXXXXXXXX has shipped. For your convenience, we have included your tracking ...
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