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Average Rating 4.5/5.0 store rating 2 store reviews
Customer Service 3
On-Time Delivery 4
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by: phoenix-11
September 16, 2009
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
Customer Service: 5/5.0 store rating
On-Time Delivery: 5/5.0 store rating
Soldier City Inc. are by far the #1 military surplus store on the internet. Great products, at great prices!I would recommend them to anyone who is considering purchasing military equiptment and apparell ...
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by: bostonlover
October 1, 2003
Author's Rating: 4/5.0 store rating
Customer Service: 3/5.0 store rating
On-Time Delivery: 4/5.0 store rating
Why I needed their gear: My step father is a Gunny in the USMC. He eats, sleeps and breathes ...
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