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by: sharonk825
March 4, 2011
Author's Rating: 2/5.0 store rating
Customer Service: 1/5.0 store rating
On-Time Delivery: 5/5.0 store rating
I ordered 2 blouses. they were identical except for color. the catalog said there was a 40% discount on the highest priced item. I had no control over which had the discount.
When the items arrived I opened the green on first. Didn't love it enough to keep both so since the blue one was still in the package I chose to return it. When I went to fill out the return form I noticed the blue one was the one where they had taken the discount.
I decided to call to be sure I would get the higher amount as a credit.
Nope. "if you were billed less for the blue one, your credit will be less."
So even though they were identical, and the blue one was still packaged and saleable, I had to open the blue, and send back the green ,already opened ,in order to get the full credit.
When I asked the manager if she was able to make adjustments in the computer she said yes but she wouldn't. The blue one was the discounted product.

by: brenren57
April 24, 2010
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
Customer Service: 5/5.0 store rating
On-Time Delivery: 5/5.0 store rating
Roaman's is one of my favorite online shopping sites. Being a plus-size woman makes finding clothes that fit AND flatter a little difficult, and even a big girl doesn't want to look dowdy. Their styles are up-to-date yet not ridiculous; they're tailored ...
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