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by: pcrushscam
September 25, 2012
Author's Rating: 1/5.0 store rating
I ordered a printer from PC Rush; the printer they sent me did not work as advertised as long black streaks of ink would be printed on every page. I immediately contacted PC Rush to try to find a solution; they referred me to the printer manufacturer. After getting the run around for a few months I asked PC Rush to rectify the situation; per the manufacturer. I spoke to Daniel Pesavento (who claimed to be the CEO of PC Rush) and he said that I would have to go through the process of re-submitting Case ID's etc, and even then a solution was not guaranteed. He told me to purchase a new toner cartridge and cut my losses. This is unbelievable, PC Rush should stand behind products they sell. I am skeptical that there will be any resolution. Save your money and buy from a reputable company.

by: memphisyankee
August 18, 2012
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
I would like to commend for their prompt and accurate processing as well as delivery of my Canon D-420 printer at a killer price.

I had one contact with their customer service dept. and they were prompt and courteous with my inquiry.

Thanks again for an easy transaction.  I would recommend them to anyone. I was a first time customer.

by: sugarpie
January 12, 2011
Author's Rating: 1/5.0 store rating
I purchased a Sony HT-CT150 3D Sound Bar System from them and 2 weeks later I still had not received it. I sent 2 emails to customer service during that time with no reply at all. So I called and spoke with someone in customer service who told me that it was shipped but returned to them because it was "damaged in transit" and they would send me another one right out. I still never received it 5 days later (and no shipping or tracking information) so I called back and spoke with the "senior customer service representative" who also told me that she didn't know what happened but they would send another one out immediately. Then after that they sent me an email that the item was "no longer available" and refunded my money. I will just stick with Amazon.Com from now on. They have excellent customer service.

by: goodcook5
November 19, 2010
Author's Rating: 1/5.0 store rating
First you will be pleased with your purchase.  You will think to yourself, "Boy oh boy, what a good deal."  But then you will call home toyour spouse and you will say, "Did a package arrive today?"  And they will say, "Nope."  ...
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by: jgbowen
October 23, 2010
Author's Rating: 1/5.0 store rating
Very poor customer service.  No support for concealed damage that was not immediately apparent.  We purchased a $2200 TV.  It was delivered with a cracked plasma screen.  We signed for the delivery per their instructions agreeing that ...
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by: mackjazz
September 28, 2010
Author's Rating: 2/5.0 store rating
I ordered a 70 lb. DA LITE portable rear projection screen, frame and case unit from PC Rush on 09-11-10.  It has never arrived.  After many, many phone calls to them they have only told me that their shipping department has verified the order ...
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by: ryton
August 20, 2010
Author's Rating: 1/5.0 store rating
I would never ever  use this company again -- they delivered only half of my order and then ignorred all emails to find out what was going on.You have been warned.

by: acidangel111
July 19, 2010
Author's Rating: 1/5.0 store rating
I ordered a projection "white" screen for about 55 dollars ( plus overpriced shipping ) total about 80 dollars give or take. on the 12th of July . I have yet to recieve the hardware and i have called 5 days in a row now to get a tracking number to no prevail. I keep getting the same thing which is " the order tracking department" is still working on that , they haven't sent us anything. I requested to speak with them. They cannot transfer me to them apparently. A supervisor (i seriously doubt this will happen) will call me back by noon today ( PST (it is currently 10:30am PST)). I think this company is a fraud. It has really gone down hill . I do not even currently know if my product really has shipped or whether they just kept my 80 dollars for the projector screen.

by: btos
March 26, 2010
Author's Rating: 1/5.0 store rating
Terrible customer service, I ordered 3 day shipping on a Panasonic projector bulb, it took them 3 days to fill the order, and after the 6th day I e-mailed them, no response, so I then called customer service to find out where my product was, they had no ...
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by: pjd001
January 12, 2009
Author's Rating: 2/5.0 store rating
I bought a refurbished Fujitsu ScanSnap which arrived minus the required AC adapter, but with a no-name adapter (wrong voltage, wrong plug) in the box instead. Luckily the plug didn't fit, or the 24v adapter would have fried the 16v scanner.

After calling and talking to someone, I got an anonymous form letter by email telling me to call Fujitsu support. I finally reached someone who could RMA it, as they don't have any adapters to ship me - we'll see how that works out.

by: ukinu
May 25, 2008
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
They were very fast with their shipping, even when sending it ground and the camera that I ordered came in perfect condition.

by: snoz
May 21, 2008
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
I found the products I wanted, bought them, and they were shipped on time from your store. I was pleased that my order was filled correctly and delivered in a timely manner. I will be back to shop with you again.

by: honusk
May 19, 2008
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
I called PC RUSH to ask about whether the modem on the notebook would work with my setup. They were polite, patient and knowledgable. The product arrived in just a few days.

by: ulmunum
May 14, 2008
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
Needing a Notebook and delivery being very time critical. PCRUSH not only had the best price, but they also gave me free shipping. The Sales Rep was attentive to my needs and very courteous. The Notebook arrived three days before the alloted time that the tracking showed. That's the way to do it guys!!!

by: polqua
May 13, 2008
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
The brand new Camcorder I just purchased was received promptly but turned out to be defective. Your customer service department exchanged it within a few days without any hassle whatsover and at no additional expense to me. I am extremely pleased and will come back when I need something else.

by: a34audi
May 9, 2008
Author's Rating: 1/5.0 store rating
Dont deal with PCRUSH they will cheat you! I had a Garmin product arrive only to find out it was used with someone else's address alrady on there. They are a scam!

by: setray
May 7, 2008
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
Excellent rating overall. They have an easy to navigate website. Great customer service followup on the order process with fast shipment delivery tracking. I will shop here again.

by: wortas
May 6, 2008
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
I will recommend this store to any and all who are looking for a great place to shop online. I am very happy with their customer service, online order processing, and merchandise selections. I love my new Sony Laptop. They also have very fast delivery.

by: lermos
May 2, 2008
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
Impressive product listings where even the hard to find items can be found. This store has just about everything you think of, TVs, and other electronics. Their prices are excellent and they are very on top of the shipping, so my order came very quickly.

by: yebyd
April 29, 2008
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
I have purchased many products from this online store in the past few months. Their prices are usually quite competitive to other big name merchants on the internet. They don't do the old bait and switch format to cheat their customers, and their shipping costs are reasonable. I keep coming back to them because they are reasonable and reliable.

by: emtia
April 24, 2008
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
I would suggest anyone to buy from this company for their great products and service. I had purchased my daughter an MP3 Player from your website. The price I found at your store was unbelieveable and I saved about $50 at lease on this item. You emailed me the order confirmation and delivery tracking info. ahead of time, so that I could know what to expect. I am very pleased with your service and my daughter is happy with her MP3. Thank you.

by: darcha
April 10, 2008
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
I prefer to order from this online store as they always ship promptly, usually the same or next day. I have never encountered a problem and highly recommend them for their quality merchandise.

by: enem
April 2, 2008
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
I'd have to say that I'm very impressed with your store. I was skeptical at first because the prices being advertised so low. I have had my bad experiences online in the past with buying electronics for "too good to be true" prices. I've also had the follow-up calls trying to sell me overpriced accessories that I never requested. However! I have never found any of that here! You treat you customers honestly and upfront with the information provided. I would recommend you as a great place to shop online!

by: omden
April 2, 2008
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
It was with intrepidation that I ordered a camera that I was going to need from your online store. I had purchased discount-priced items from the internet before and ran into all kinds of problems. This shopping experience turned into the exception. I am surprised and greatly pleased.

by: darban
April 1, 2008
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
I am very impressed with the quality of service from my experience of purchasing a Canon Power Shot digital camera through your online store. I read some reviews on the vendor, and checked prices around before I made a decision to shop with you. I'm glad that I did.

by: darem
March 31, 2008
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
I ordered a Sony Camcorder and your salesperson called me on the same day it was placed just for verification security. I received my merchandise within 2-days from that date. I must say that you store carries really superior service and your customer support people are really very nice and helpful. Keep up the good job!

by: uskeng
March 26, 2008
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
Aside from having the lowest prices I've seen anywhere, your customer service and shipping was a great experience. I ordered online a Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera through your website. The shipment arrived within 3-days when it was supposed to actually arrive within a week's time. Thank you!

by: criticalinri
March 24, 2008
Author's Rating: 1/5.0 store rating
Oh my god what a terrible experience. We purchased a TomTom and returned it immediately since we found it at Staples for $100 less. Of course we lost the shipping charge and had to pay a high $33 restocking fee. Two months later our credit card account had not been credited. Too many phone calls to count, today they finally say they have credited our account. This is almost four months since we returned the item. I have certainly crossed them off my list of on-line vendors.

by: ertai
March 12, 2008
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
This is the way to shop! I have been making online purchases from your store for several years now. Mostly computer equipment and I can say that I have NEVER been disappointed. Your customer service team has been the greatest from placing an order to even calling for advice on how to install products. You are reasonably priced and do not sell "junk". I will continue to shop with you for years to come.

by: cerler
March 11, 2008
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
This was a very nice purchasing experience. I purchased my 50' Plasma TV on Tuesday and the unit was received in perfect condition on Saturday. Your customer service support was great and always available, plus your prices were lower than any other website. Thanks...


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