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Massage Warehouse

Massage Warehouse

Average Rating 1.64/5.0 store rating 11 store reviews
Customer Service 0
On-Time Delivery 0
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by: smartbusiness2
June 6, 2013
Author's Rating: 1/5.0 store rating
I so wish I had looked up reviews of this company before ordering. Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced...anywhere!

by: pujadaddy
February 21, 2013
Author's Rating: 1/5.0 store rating
Every time I order there is multiple authorizations tying up three time the amount of the order in my bank account. They advertise specials then the promo codes dont work; and customer service says that they cant do anything. Even the finance dept at Scrip Co, the actual company behind the "massage warehouse" name points the finger at the phone answering service which is all that it is when you call to order. they also substituted an item that I ordered, AN EXPENSIVE item, without gaining consent. Universal companies sells all the sale items without the silliness.

by: swfltherapist
November 23, 2012
Author's Rating: 1/5.0 store rating
Absolutely horrible service. They duplicated my order using 2 differant POs. I saw the email notifications and called customer service line. The woman who answered said there was nothing she could do. I asked for her supervisor. Customer service ...
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by: cryingloon
November 30, 2011
Author's Rating: 1/5.0 store rating
I placed a phone order on Thanksgiving day. On the following day the order was not showing up in my account. When I attempted to call and email for information regarding my order,I received no response. I sent 3 emails which have all gone unanswered. I left 2 voice mail messages which were not answered.
I finally reached someone by phone on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, only to be disconnected twice and then being told that a supervisor was going to call me about my order. They told me that I owed more shipping than they had charged because this item had to be shipped by freight. There was no mention of this in the catalog or online. After several questions to me about my shipping location, they informed me that I would be charged over $300.00 for the freight shipping of my $800.00 item!!!!
I promptly cancelled the order. All they would say about all of my hassle was "I'm sorry" !!! 
I found the exact item on another site with free shipping!!! Massage Warehouse has lost me as a customer and I will be warning all of my friends. 

by: thetripfan
June 13, 2009
Author's Rating: 1/5.0 store rating
I have purchased from for several years now.  In the beginning, I used to enjoy receiving exclusive prices and quick service.  Over the years, however, I have noticed their level of service and competitive pricing decline.  Most recently, my purchases have led me to find their service to be sub-par.  The customer service experience is a horrible one here.  They now advertise products for much lower than what is actually on their website.  I would stay away far, far away! Their prices are not as great as they used to be.  I would NEVER shop from them again.  I bought some lotion here which came in a crushed box and they refused to replace the spilled product.  I contacted customer service but I was not helped by their long hold times and request to call back.  Finally after speaking to a rather rude service provider, I was not in any way helped.  Massage Warehouse has lost its charm for me.  

by: kbolton72
June 4, 2009
Author's Rating: 3/5.0 store rating
Life is too short NOT to be lived in luxury!!Not only am I contemplating going to school for massage therapy (either that or photography, I have way too many passions to chose from), but I am also a recipient of massage, and love getting ...
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by: ffyte
January 2, 2009
Author's Rating: 1/5.0 store rating
In an industry where the word "ethics" is so often discussed, it is outrageous that a "massage" supply company could be so offensively mean-spirited and corrupt.They advertise 30" massage tables and send out 28" tables, later explaining that "you ...
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by: sedated12
December 17, 2008
Author's Rating: 1/5.0 store rating is the worst retailer I have ever had the displeasure in dealing with. I ordered one item as I believed was pictured on their website, yet they sent me a completely different item. They would refuse to pay for return shipping, when it was clearly their fault. Not only was their customer service representatives totally inept at helping me, they were also completely and utterly rude and refused to work with me to fix this problem. They finally agreed to pay for the return shipping, and that they would be mailing me the label. I waited 10 business days before calling to find out that the guy never issued a label. Then the representative told me she would be emailing me a label. Waited 5 days for that, called again, only to find that yet again no label had been issued. Not only did these two customer service agents fail to do their job but also outright lied to me, not once but twice. My experience with these people is one of shear frustration. I will never recommend this company to anyone, they do not care one iota for the customer.

by: mobilemassage
July 12, 2007
Author's Rating: 3/5.0 store rating
Purchased a defective massage stool and have not yet received the correct product. Stool was purchased in 05? Upon arrival it came w/o the hydralic cylinder, I immediately called customer service and was told that they had realized the mistake that ...
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by: dclordknight
July 7, 2003
Author's Rating: 1/5.0 store rating
They are trying to monopolize the market! What they say and what you receive are two completely diff ...
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by: HJS33
July 31, 2002
Author's Rating: 4/5.0 store rating

In February of 2002, I went back to school for Massage Therapy at Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, MA. Before I even took my first class, they requested that we buy a massage table. Some guidance was offered, ...
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