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Galls, Inc

Galls, Inc

Average Rating 3.65/5.0 store rating 17 store reviews
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by: jjewell
February 3, 2014
Author's Rating: 1/5.0 store rating
After ordering from your company for the past twenty years and spending thousands of dollars both from the Police and Fire side.  I was greatly disapointed a couple of weeks ago when placing a new order.  I felt that the call taker was ...
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by: rruszas
January 23, 2014
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
I've been using Galls as my main source for extra police equipment and gear for several years now. I would just like to say that I am absolutely impressed with your company. Every time I speak with a representative, they are extremely pleasant, ...
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by: sagamirinkan67
December 3, 2013
Author's Rating: 2/5.0 store rating
As a first-time buyer, I was very pleased at the SH1434 grey poly shirt I ordered and received.  However, I was very disappointed when I noticed on the label that it was 'Made in China' not manufactured in the USA!  I realize to offer such a fine product at a reasonable price it is necessary to use imports, but I definitely would not mind paying a few dollars extra to purchase products manufactured in the USA and I'm certain most of your customers wouldn't either, IF the USA label was prominently displayed. After giving twenty years of my life to the United States (navy), and in view of the jobless statistics in this country, I do everything I can to purchase only merchandise that is manufactured in this country.  I truly believe that we should be helping ourselves FIRST in order that we can continue to help other poorer nations, don't you agree?

by: po805
November 20, 2013
Author's Rating: 2/5.0 store rating
Not a great experience. Twice now, my cart has been emptied while I shop on the site. I'm guessing Galls has a timer built in and then POOF, the cart is emptied. I understand the items can't be left in the cart forever; but in less than an hour??!! It can take a little time to navigate and shop online, more time in the cart might be a good idea. 

Galls lost a $200 plus order plus future business, I'm sure I'm not the only frustrated potential customer. 

by: ftooley77
August 17, 2013
Author's Rating: 2/5.0 store rating
Paid almost $50.00 for next day Saturday delivery and did not get it, I was told by the shipping agent that they shipped it for Monday delivery instead, even after taking my extra money!! Very disappointed and will look to outside companies for my department and my needs!!

by: theguy819
June 28, 2013
Author's Rating: 3/5.0 store rating
I signed up to email, so I could get the free bag with my order. I did evrything the website directed me too! I never got the bag with my order! I called customer service. they were less than helpfull and very confusing, saying something about if you get free shipping then you dont get the free gift. I never read anything like that. and if the website would have givin me the option I would have chosen the bag! I have 6 years in corrections and spent $150 bucks. I expected better than this! fix the glitch or make it clear to your customers. Very deceiving and made me feel like you were more interested in tricking your customers rather than taking care of them. I liked the products, just feel cheated!

by: slowjack2
June 13, 2013
Author's Rating: 2/5.0 store rating
Towards the end of April, 2013I Placed an Order for a Uniform Shirt. Item No. ST286. With 2 First Responder Shoulder Emblems attached to both sleeves the standard length below the shoulder seam and the "PERSONALIZATION" Item No.LL127G "BOLD STAR OF LIFE ...
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by: dms0953
May 26, 2013
Author's Rating: 2/5.0 store rating
I tried to find a lightbar cover on this site and the page is blank when I did a search. Do you sell a plain black cover to fit the Whelen G1M mini lightbar?

by: saurosr44
May 20, 2013
Author's Rating: 4/5.0 store rating
I am currently trying to get my log in problem sorted.

I am however very pleased at how fast my order came to me!

I ordered last Tuesday May 14,2013 and received it on Monday May20,2013!!
The Tactical Pants I had ordered are just what I had been looking for in a pair of work pants!
I will be ordering another pair real soon!

by: saphira19
March 9, 2010
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
With my husband working for the police department we are always buying gear for his job. The best place on the Internet that we have found to buy gear for him is sells public safety equipment and apparel. has quality ...
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by: Galls Shopper
April 27, 2008
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
It was short, sweet and to the point - a few clicks and my product arrived before I even truly expected it.

by: mtrenck
March 14, 2008
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
Galls is certainly an industry leader for public safety professionals and carries a wide selection of equipment for police, fire, EMS, and security. Product Selection Excellent. The products are categorized very well and indexed ...
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by: juan5952
January 24, 2008
Author's Rating: 4/5.0 store rating
This is A Great Store! And talk about their warranty and return policy A+
i shop for the tijuana police dep, and they have the best prices trough out
San Diego
Thank You

Johnny and Maria for helping my fellow employees by being able to speak spanish and your great service and knowledge.

by: stat_emt
January 24, 2007
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
My husband is a Deputy Sheriff and I am an EMT. Both our employers have trusted galls to meet many of their needs. I recently went online to find some EMT trousers for work. I found a very good quality pair that were on sale. They were the black ...
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by: monkeybomb
October 23, 2006
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
Galls is a great place to find law enforcement, fire and emt supplies. Prices are average but the are reliable and customer service is great. They have a better than average amount of items available and usually in stock. Shipping times are reasonable and for some reason you need something returned they are pretty easy to deal with.

by: Birdfeather
August 28, 2004
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
Galls Online Store is a website that my husband couldn't live without. He is in law enforcement and needs quality supplies. Galls carries several name brand lines that are all of good quality. My husband appreciates the variety and ...
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by: disartain
August 12, 2003
Author's Rating: 5/5.0 store rating
What is Galls Galls is a public safety supplier. Their goods range from badges to police ...
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