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By:  plsthink3ice
Oct 17, 2011

They won't ship my order, won't cancel it but charged my credit card!!!!

Rating: 1/5 stars
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the worst online shopping experience i have ever had , i wish had read the reviews here first , i live overseas and i have a friend that lives in US , so i gave his shipping address and my billing information, they charged my credit card , yet sent me an email requiring copy of my bank statement! which never happened to me before .. and since this is weired since i shopped before from amazon, macy's victoria secrets and all never asked for this i was reluctant to do it.. so i tried to cancel the order but couldn't even access it .. yet the status on my account showed that it is awaiting approval??!! , approval by whom?? i don't get it , when my bank called me when i placed the order i told them to proceed , so whose approval is missing ?? , so i cant cancel the order and obviously they dont plan to ship it without my bank statement or utitlity bill and copy if my credit card and i can't cancel it !! so i really donno what to do .. but i have friends at US , and although this order was for $45 dollars i will not allow this go without giving them hard time as much as possible ..if anyone can advice me on this i would appreciate it..