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By:  jakehernandez
Apr 14, 2012

secure online store

Rating: 4/5 stars
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The most importan thing about a shopping online experience in my view and could speak for all by default on the fact that if a shopping site has a good security to prevent fordgery and having important information stolen or used , such as customer information(name,phone number,address)credit card numbers (cvv,exp date) then it is a comfortable feeling knowing that your expirence will always be 100% secure and easy to use . Ebay has a certificate for "" verified by VeriSign and has a connection of 128-bit encryption , meaning tracking cookies that have all this important information is a long shot when creating login forms (accounts) . For now , I'm sure some hacker will find a way around that , but that is just a thought . Ebay also uses paypal which is good. The variety Ebay has to offer is very convinient , if you are one of those people who like to stay and remain at home more than an explorer out and about type of person . The web design is fun to easy to view , the toolbar(my account , shopping cart , etc...) is on the right top header , things are more or less where they are supposed to be , so it is easy to use the site , the logo is eye appealing . I don't think there is much more to say , I never had any problems using the site . So , this is my review , hope its helpful !