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3/5.0 store rating

By:  spineex
Mar 11, 2012

Ebay offers no seller protection, Pay Pal is even worse!

Rating: 3/5 stars
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I've been selling and buying on and off for 10 years w/ no problems, but just got swindled by this guy in Germany for $1,100.  He paid for the item and it was just about to clear.  Stupidly I left him positive feedback and sent the item, thinking PayPal was just hoding his payment.  But this guy cancelled his payment right before it cleared.  Ebay really can't do anything, but they did spend time with me and do their best.  Pay Pal was horrible.  Neither will investigate the case or reprimand this guy.  Even though he's had 453 positive transactions with 100% positive feedback,  he really just ripped me off when he saw an opportunity.  I don't even expect to get the money, but I do think they should look into it and see that he was shady in this transaction and somehow reprimand him or give him some demerrit.  Neither will follow up, investigate, or look into it further.  Lucky him...except for his karma.  Ebay is great, but it can be time-consuming, so you may take short cuts when sending things or whatever (ie: mailing when your schedule is open, rather than waiting for payments to clear).  NEVER SEND UNTIL A PAYMENT HAS CLEARED AND IS IN YOUR ACCT. AND NEVER LEAVE FEEDBACK UNTIL TRANSACTION IS COMPLETE.