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By:  bjj7777
Mar 7, 2012

Ebay is only interested in making money, and does not care about its customers

Rating: 1/5 stars
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I have used EBay for 10 years, and during the course of that time I started to continually have more and more negative experience to the point that I no longer have an account.  Initially, I started using EBay in order to buy an item or two.  I then started selling several items, and I included international buyers.  I noticed that some international buyers would claim that they did not receive an item.  I used tracking on the postal shipping, but once the package leaves the United States it is no longer tracked.  Buyers would wait about a month and start claiming that they did not receive an item.  They do this because it takes 40 days for them to open a case with tracking.  Meanwhile EBay takes back you money out of PayPal leaving you with a negative balance.  This was interesting to be since I had proof that I shipped it.  In the end EBay sides on the buyer stating there is no proof that the buyer received the item.  I used tracking on all my shipping, but every country does shipping differently.  If you are an international buyer it is easy to get items for free and then leave a negative feedback for the seller.  Trying to get a negative feedback is impossible.  Do not use EBay they are a fail company.