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4/5.0 store rating

By:  p5cat
Apr 30, 2012 Free Shipping Cash Back and 10% Off Coupon is How I like to Shop

Rating: 4/5 stars
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I’ve been shopping at for over 10 years.  Their initial promotions of free shipping and a coupon for first time customers is what initially attracted me to the site.  I find that their prices are often a bit higher than some of the other stores (on-line and locally) but they carry a few products that I can’t find at my local stores. Now that offers free shipping on purchases over $25.00 in addition to other promotions, I’m making more purchases through the site.  My latest purchase was prompted by a banner ad here on the website – 10% off an entire order.  That promotion along with the free shipping made it worth the purchase; and the items that I wanted to buy were discounted (on sale).

The Store carries a wide variety of items that I use on a regular basis; health and beauty, vitamins, pain relievers, cleaning products, humidifiers, alarm clocks, and more.  Just about everything that I can find at my local CVS store and then some.  I like that they carry a large selection of cosmetic items that I can’t find locally.  I also like that I can shop two sites ( and and use one shopping cart on the website.  Purchasing items from both stores and making one total payment is a real convenience.

The Shopping Experience

I find the website visually appealing and easy to navigate.  I never have a problem locating things because the departments are logically organized.  Department tabs are located at the top of each page and the subcategories are located in a column on the left of each page.  A large search box is prominently displayed at the top of every page.  I usually use the keyword search since I often know exactly what I’m looking for. But I also like browsing through the sales and coupons which is clearly marked on the right of the page with an orange box. Coupons, clearance items, and items that ship free are located in this category.  I’ve used item specific instant coupons which seem to coincide with the manufacturer’s coupons that I get with my Sunday newspaper. 

As an incentive or rather enticement to make additional future purchases, also offers 5% cash back in the form of dollars on qualifying purchases.  Pharmacy and gift card purchases are not eligible for cash back.  The cash back dollars are automatically applied to the next eligible purchase that you make.  The cash back dollars do not stay in your account for an indefinite time period, they do expire;

“You earn dollars on every eligible purchase you make during a calendar quarter (every three months). Then you have one month to spend your credit. Your dollars will be applied to the first eligible order you place during that month using your registered account. “

My dollars usually expire before I get a chance to use them.  I currently have $1.29 sitting in my account that expires today 4/30/2012 and I’m not quite sure if it expires today because it’s the end of the quarter or because my most recent purchase was on 3/29/2012, about a month ago.

There are other nice features built in to the website that makes shopping convenient.  The FSA/HSA manager keeps track of qualifying purchases for Flexible Spending Accounts or Health Savings Accounts.  After choosing a date range you can print out a report of all eligible purchases.  I think this is much more convenient than having to file a bunch of individual receipts.

The your list is also a nice feature because it keeps track of the items that you previously purchased as well as items that you may have saved for later.  On my list I currently have a few items that I’ve yet to purchase because I’m still thinking about buying them.


All of my orders placed with have been shipped in a timely manner.  My most recent purchase was on my doorstep within four business days.  For free shipping, I think that’s pretty impressive.  Most of my purchases have been delivered via UPS but my most recent order was delivered by OnTrac; a regional delivery service that operates within a handful of west coast states.

Customer Service

Since I’ve never had questions or a problem with any of my orders I haven’t contacted the customer service department.  But it’s nice to know that they’re available 24/7 by email or phone (1-800-drugstore). The contact link is on the bottom of each page under “support”. 
I’ve always received email confirmations for my orders as well as an email with shipping and tracking information once my items have shipped.


My shopping experiences with have been pleasant and hassle-free.  They offer a nice selection of items that I’m interested in, such as cosmetics. They also carry a wider variety of items, more than my local drugstores.  The prices can be high on some items but with the discounts and promotions offered it’s sometimes worth shopping at