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1/5.0 store rating

By:  timmyt9000
Mar 11, 2011

Deceptive business practices!!

Rating: 1/5 stars
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I ordered a few items but later decided to return one.  Their return policy states they accept returns but take 30 days to process them.

I waited over 45 days and they still did not provide a credit or update.  I had to email them multiple times to get a credit. 

When you email "Customer Service" you are emailing a bot.  They scan your email for keywords and reply with a standard form email.  Then you have to email them again if you didn't get your question answered.

I had to go through this process a few times before anyone actually looked into the return that that did not process.

I am quite sure that they would have waited forever to issue a credit to me.  They clearly did not keep their promise of processing the return within 30 days.

When I did get a credit, they had deducted charges from the credit with no explanation.  I still have no idea why the refund is the amount they sent.

Also, they have now barred me from ever ordering again.  I thought they accepted returns??  Apparently that is an unwritten policy that if you ever return anything you are not allowed to buy from them again.

I find this all to be very deceptive practices.