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West Elm

West Elm

Average Rating 1.82/5.0 store rating 62 store reviews
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1/5.0 store rating

By:  krfitz
Aug 30, 2011


Rating: 1/5 stars
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I ordered an armless sectional on May 11, 2011 and received a delivery estimate of 8-10 weeks.  In early June, the west elm rep informed me that my sectional would be shipped on June 21, 2011 -- music to my ears!  Yet, having heard nothing, I called back on July 5, 2011 only to be told that production was delayed and that the sectional was set to ship from the manufacturer on July 18.  OK - still within the window, right?  Then, August comes.  I receive word that my sectional is finally being MANUFACTURED.  And, about a week later, a west elm rep calls me to tell me that it shipped from the manufacturer and is on its way up to me.  At this point, I'm perturbed but happy to finally be receiving my new sofa that I have now been waiting four months for.  About 10 days later, the delivery people call me to schedule delivery.  Hallelujah, I think.  ON THE EVE OF DELIVERY AT 652 PM, I get a voice mail informing me that only 2 of the 3 pieces I ordered will be delivered the following day (for a 9am-11am delivery window).  I try to call this number back, but it appears they had already closed for the night.  SO, I call west elm and ask to have all the pieces delivered at once (I didn't order half a sofa, after all).  The west elm person assures me she'll get the message to the delivery folks and that the 3rd piece should be found in no time.  A bit annoyed, I still keep hope alive that this thing actually exists.  But then, AT 915 PM, I receive another message.  This time, the person informs me that they are going to deliver the two pieces, but that the third piece WOULD NOT BE READY UNTIL OCTOBER 18!!!!!  Keep in mind -- the October 18 date is likely the date it will ship from the manufacturer.  So add about a month onto that to get an actual projected delivery date.  Well, that would simply not do.  I called back the number that this person left on my voice mail, but it was a fax number.  Again, I called the west elm number and asked for a full refund.  They said they'd accommodate me no problem.  The next morning, the delivery people still showed up with the two pieces.  I told them to put them right back on the truck.  A week later, I still have not received a full refund.  And honestly, getting my money back is really not enough because now I am out a couch and am back to square one after wasting four months of my life with these clowns.