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West Elm

West Elm

Average Rating 1.82/5.0 store rating 62 store reviews
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1/5.0 store rating

By:  freerider1125
Dec 20, 2010


Rating: 1/5 stars
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I ordered a gift for my girlfriend for Christmas on Nov. 27th. Early enough right? No! The gift won't arrive in time... On Dec. 9th I get an e-mail saying "We sincerely regret that we are unable to fulfill your order. Our supply of the following has completely sold out and will not be available again within the foreseeable future."

So naturally I am quite ticked off that the item I ordered nearly two weeks ago is now out of stock. So I check the website to see what's up and the item is still listed as available and in stock (at a cheaper price I might add). With this knowledge I call the website to see what's up and informed that they were out but more have been ordered and will be available on the 19th. I have no clue why my order would be canceled even though more were on order but hey apparently things don't work normally at this company anyways. So I place a NEW order with the hopes that my items will ship on the 19th and arrive by Christmas. So the 19th passes and its now the 20th. I received no shipment confirmation so I called back.

After being on hold for 20 minutes I finally speak with someone who informs me that they won't be in until the 21st and will most likely not make it in time for Christmas. When I inquire if when they do become available if they can expedite ship them so that they make them in time for Christmas they say that they can't do that. I inform them that I will no longer be purchasing any items from them and that I will tell all of my friends and family to never order from them.

After placing an order nearly a month ago I still do not have what I ordered no do I anticipate receiving the order in time for Christmas! In summary the web site does not reflect real stock, your order could be cancelled without even if the item will be back in stock soon, customer service has no clue when items will actually be in stock and even if you order a month ahead of time your order is not guaranteed to arrive by Christmas!