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5/5.0 store rating

By:  walkerpkw
May 12, 2012

Competitive prices, ease of ordering, My puchase included free 2-day shipping.

Rating: 5/5 stars
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Can I actually save money buying pet food online?

After discovering both my local grocery store and Petsmart no longer carried Meow Mix Market Select Salmon & Crab in the 2.75 oz tubs, I did an online search and found Turns out this company "Quidsi Retail LLC" is owned by and sells on Amazon as well, however I found a better deal ordering from directly. The most amazing thing about my experience was my order included free 2 day shipping. I placed my order Saturday afternoon and my 18 lb package arrived on my doorstep at 8:30 am the following Monday.

With prices comparable to the big brick and mortar pet store chains, has completely changed my thinking that I can actually shop online for pet food and accessories saving both time and money. I didn’t discover until later however, there are 15-20% off coupons available online for first time customers. During checkout you simply enter a promotion code in the provided box.


Huge selection, good prices, purchases $49 and up ship free (including bulky or heavy items such as cat litter)


I can't think of anything negative about this site but one thing, they currently don’t carry the parasiticide “Revolution”. It’s probably because the product requires a prescription (Rx)


Order was accurate - Items were packaged well in a sturdy cardboard box - The site is easy to navigate - Included email confirmations

My purchase:

Meow Mix Market Selects - Salmon & Crab - 24 x 2.75 oz., 3 cases = $47.97
Purina Pro Plan - Selects Adult Yellowfin Tuna & Mackerel - 24x3oz., 1 case = $23.99

Total with free 2 day shipping and no sales tax: $ 71.96 via AMEX card. Other cards or forms of payment accepted include Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Paypal.
Final thoughts:

I will definitely be ordering from again and would highly recommend checking out this site. Take a look at their “When will I get my order” page. Just enter your zip code:

Toll free customer service: 866-SHOP-WAG (1-866-746-7924) Hours: 24-7

Thanks for reading.