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4/5.0 store rating

By:  arianakiva
Dec 2, 2011

Looks like a legitimate and good location to get pet meds.

Rating: 4/5 stars
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I had a very good experience with VetDepot which was easy as well, especially on my second time I used the website, since they sent a link to my product I had previously purchased the first time I went to the website.  They sent me an email with a link asking for my opinion on the medicine I had previously purchased and I went right to the same medication on their website and bought the medication again. I have looked at several other websites to purchase pet medications and was warned by my local vet that many of the pet medication websites have fake or substandard pet medicine so I was looking for a website that was legitimately selling pet medications.  I looked at the review they had a link to on the site that checks out the legitimacy of the claims of websites (especially those that sell medicine).  VetDepot has a brick and mortar location in Arizona and are legitimate according to this particular review company so I decided to take a chance.  The meds are working the same for my cat so I am happy to come back and continue to purchase this medication for my pet and get the meds for just about half what the vet is charging because they don't get a lot of this particular medicine at my local vet.