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US Medical Supplies

US Medical Supplies

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5/5.0 store rating

By:  zanieladie
Mar 12, 2012

EXCELLENT process from order to delivery!

Rating: 5/5 stars
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I originally bought a scooter from a nationally advertised company. Happy with the brand (Pride), I decided to purchase another - this time for a family member. As I completed a web search, I found US Medical Supply. I couldn't believe the difference in prices between the extraordinarily high scooter cost from the national company and the low prices from US Medical Supply. I kicked myself in the rear end for not searching sooner. After comparing and contrasting different scooters (which I couldn't do in the national physical store of the other company), I finally decided upon the Go Go Elite Traveler. (I had bought the Go Go HD for myself previously because of the higher weight capacity.) I couldn't believe how quickly it arrived! The product as exactly as described by US Medical Supply and in perfect condition. I ordered an accessory at the same time and it arrived along with the scooter. Both my family member and I LOVE our scooters! (Pride Go Go breaks down into 5 easily manageable pieces). I LOVE the money I saved. In fact, the US Medical Supply scooter price was HALF of what I paid for the original scooter. I would HIGHLY reccomend US Medical Supply and the Go Go. For those of you hesitant to purchase a scooter from an on-line company, I would encourage you to use US Medical Supply. The company treats you the way they would treat their own family! :)