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1/5.0 store rating

By:  ladydakota
Jul 5, 2007

WATCH OUT - Excessive charges for returned Items

Rating: 1/5 stars
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I ordered and received 2 swim suites. They were expensive but I needed a good one and thought that one of the 2 may work.

When they arrived I tried them on only to find they were very ill-fitting & unflattering. Their return information said to call for a return authorization number. I called and was told just to use the return label - their products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed, no authorization number required, & postage would be paid by them. She proceeded to tell me that there would be a $6.95 charge for the return unless I paid the postage. Postage will be paid for by Travel Smith for the return but they will they deduct $6.95 from the credit. I give, you figure this logic(???)out!

I now have my credit card bill that shows a credit for $20 LESS THAN WHAT I PAID. The original charge was $184.24 and the credit is form $163.30. Now that's one expensive visit to the virtual dressing room!

I guarantee you I will never, ever, ever purchase merchandise from them. Their greed for $20 has lost them a customer who does 80% of her shopping on line. GREAT BUSINESS PRACTICE, Travel Smith.