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By:  jkaszer
Jun 6, 2012

I was a first time buyer; I AM a LAST TIME buyer.

Rating: 1/5 stars
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I'm looking forward to the "official" TigerDirect response to this complaint.

I was a first time buyer; I AM a LAST TIME buyer.  I purchased a Vizio 47" TV on May 23.  It was delivered on 6-6-12.  The shipping company was AIT Logistics.  Bad choice TigerDirect! For faster shipping in the future I would choose carrier pigeons! (Or African swallow without coconuts)

Most of us who shop electronics online are used to dealing with top notch companies like Newegg and Amazon.  These websites use reliable shipping companies like UPS and FedEx that allow a customer to "track" their shipment.  UPS and FedEx make life easy.  We know when the product will arrive and can plan our life accordingly. 

Maybe it’s just me, but AIT's user interface to track packages is nebulous at best.  I originally thought my TV would arrive on June 1st.  No arrival, so I online chat with AIT customer service.  "No sir, your shipment is leaving on the 1st and should arrive in San Diego by the 4th.  We will then have to transfer the package to delivery and we will call you on the 5th.”  Silly me, I expected a phone call on the morning of the 5th.  (After all, AIT's website stated my TV arrived at 12:41 pm on the 4th).  No phone call on the 5th. 

Morning of the 6th I contact AIT again.  "Package is out for delivery, the driver will call you 30 minutes before arrival".  I could not get a BALLPARK of when this 30 minute magic slot would be... 10am?  Noon?  5 pm?  This was my day off and I went to the office to accept the package.  (After all, the TV should have been there on the 5th when I was at work).  I'm at the office at 10am, TV shows up, NO PHONE CALL was ever made.  I decide to chill out, not moan and groan, and not write a scathing review.  After all, a got a GREAT REFURBISHED TV AT A GREAT PRICE!  I load up the TV in the truck and drive home.

I open up the TV at home and put it up on the wall.  Once it’s up, and before I turn it on, I notice a thin “scratch” that seems to run in a huge spiral around my LCD.  I was hoping that it was just a bubble in the protective film they put on the screen.  Oh, wait, there is no protective film, just a bag the TV was wrapped in!  Discouraged, I hope that the scratch won’t be visible once I turn the TV on.  (I don’t want to hassle with a return).  But, now that I see the scratch, I take a closer look at my REFURBISHED TV.

Tell me TigerDirect…. HOW DO YOU DEFINE REFURBISHED?  In my experience, refurbished is a word NOT to be interchanged with USED! (Used items have seller indications and descriptions of damage such as: “Like New” “Used” “Minor Wear” “Small scuffing on the ….”) Again, when I have purchased refurbished items from Amazon and NewEgg, I never would have known the difference!  In addition to the scratch on the LCD, there are tons of scuff marks all along the bottom black bezel!

Now quite discouraged, and more fearing of a need to return the TV, I turn it on.  I wish I could post a picture!  BROKEN!  The thin “scratch” was not a scratch at all; it was a crack line that ran through the ENTIRE screen.  Now when I look at the TOP bezel, it becomes apparent that something has been dropped onto the TV!  The TV won’t change channels; there is just a blank white screen with black bubbles, small vertical lines, and a fluorescent swirl.

Now, I’m not going to fault you for this TigerDirect.  Let’s give you the benefit of the doubt and blame this on a shipping error. (Pronounced AIT) 2 WEEKS since you charged my credit card and all I have is 47” of broken plastic!  (Add on another 2 weeks for the return and restock)

So, I call customer service.  I speak to Jose, the only competent cog I have dealt with in this process.  “Jose, I’m not going to shoot the messenger here.  This is not your fault, but my whole interaction with your company has been a colossal failure.  (I explain the last 2 weeks).  The only way I can see to make this right is if you can get a replacement TV to my house by this Friday (2 days).  If you need to put a hold on my credit card again (for the second TV) fine.  I just want my TV.”   “Sir, I’m sorry, but we cannot do that.  Given the size of the TV, it has to be shipped freight and that will take 7-10 days”  “Ok, Jose, please just refund my money and I will purchase another TV through my neighbors Amazon Prime account”.

In retrospect, I should have asked for a manager.  (My neighbor had his 46” overnighted by UPS… maybe TigerDirect would have done the same had I changed my TV size)

Bad stuff happens occasionally and companies cannot be maligned because of their third party shippers.  Accidents do happen.  I assume that my return will be processed in a fair and efficient manner.

HOWEVER, explain to me what REFURBISHED means!  Even without the broken screen, the scuffing on the bottom bezel was unacceptable.  Due to the packaging, this damage COULD NOT have been the result of shipping; this was a visible and KNOWN defect.

I await your “official” response.