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Customer Service 3
On-Time Delivery 4
Author's Rating:
2/5.0 store rating

By:  rezfer
Dec 6, 2011

Not very advisable for holiday season! Slow delivery - poor customer service

Rating: 2/5 stars
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Not very advisable for holiday season!

I Bought a Netbook on Tuesday with UPS 2nd day.

Next day they called me to make sure I was placing the order as billing and shipping address were different. Anyway, they didn't ship that day!

Next day I tried calling TigerDirect saying I needed the order to be shipped that day as I needed on Monday Dec 6th. 23 minutes waiting on the phone for a customer rep in Spanish so I finished the call. I tried calling again, this time I chose English. There was a message to call back in an hour as there was a high volume of calls (at least this time I was aware).

I wrote an email saying that they should ship overnight by Friday. They never replied!

On Friday I finally spoke to someone. They said it would ship that day and I requested overnight (on their behalf) but the tracking number was already available although it was still not in the UPS system.

During the weekend they said they could not speed up shipping, to call on Monday.

On Monday I spent over an hour on the phone, everything was slow. The customer rep said there was nothing to do. He passed me with a supervisor. He was kind but the only solution was to intercept the package and pick it up at the nearest UPS facility. So I did. Unfortunately the order was spited into two packages and they didn't inform to intercept the other package. The supervisor said he would call me later that day and tell me about the status but he never called.

Today I've got the netbook but the case will not be there timely. I needed for a trip and the airplane cannot wait for UPS or TigerDirect!