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By:  jwjohns
Dec 5, 2011

TigerDirect - A Tale of Terrible Post-Sale Customer Service

Rating: 1/5 stars
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TigerDirect lost a customer.  I ordered a laptop only to find the specs on the TigerDirect website were wrong.  I contacted Customer Service and waited 3 days for a reply (though they state a ~24 hour response time).  TigerDirect's response advised me to contact the manufacturer, HP.  Upset by the run-around, I called TigerDirect and advised they [TigerDirect] needed to fix this issue since it was their website, not HP, who was in error.  I was told TigerDirect's HP Rep would contact me later in the day.  No call was received.  I called again the next day, same story...I was told I would receive a return call, no call was received.  I called for a 3rd time in 3 days and escalated to a manager in the call center and received RMA authorization. 

TigerDirect will refund my purchase by 100%, but I get to pay for shipping back to TigerDirect.  Essentially, I get to spend $20 bucks for FedEx because TigerDirect's website was wrong. 

At no point in this process did TigerDirect apologize for anything: incorrect website information, giving me the run-around, wasting my time, not returning my calls, etc.  Moreover, TigerDirect did not offer any sort of compensation for my out-of-pocket expense for shipping or for my time/trouble as I watched black friday / cyber monday deals slip by as I deal with an issue solely the responsibility of TigerDirect's incorrect website.   

If you order from TigerDirect, hope that your order is correct when you receive it.  TigerDirect seems to take very little interest in post-sales Customer Service. 

TigerDirect:  If you're listening, check out order # F7789102.  Give me a ring if you want to make this right.