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Average Rating 4.26/5.0 store rating 5,331 store reviews
Customer Service 3
On-Time Delivery 4
Author's Rating:
1/5.0 store rating

By:  henselk
Jul 21, 2011

Terrible, rude, incompetant, careless, useless, and this is just the management. Imagine the normal staff

Rating: 1/5 stars
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I have been a loyal Tiger customer for 10 years now.  I have shopped both online and at a local store in Raliegh and have had no issued until now.  I bought a $200.00 netbook and had it shipped to my son in Californai.  I paid to have it expedidted and it arrived on time but was missing the power cord.  I then called customer service and was promissed they would send one out in 24 hours.  Of course this never happened.  So after waiting patiently for 3 days I called back.  I had to argue with them for an hour before they would connect me with a "product specialist".  "Bea" then said I have no idea why they would promis that and that it was impossible for them to ship out a power cord.  I was told I was now responsible for it and should call the manufacturer.  Well, after arguing for another hour with her she finally agreed to send my son a new PC )(no discount at all and at first one that was actually a downgrade to what I had originally purchased).  All I had to do was put the original back in the box and UPS would come and get it.  UPS came as she said and picked it up.  At this point they were to expedite the new PC out, however they claimed UPS did not have it, yet I could easily see that UPS had it.  So 3 days later I finally get order confirmation that it was deliverd back to Tiger.  I called Bea back and she actually told me that she had a more important meeting to go to and that I should simply try to call her back some other time.  I called her back that afternoon and she said she needed to put me on hold and I was then mysteriously disconnected.  I called back but she wouldn't pick up 3 times instide that hour).  Since I have a real job I had to get back to my work and I waited for her return call.  Guess return call.  I called once I got home and now not only is she not picking up but her voicemail is full.  Thank-goodness she had given me her managers number in our earlier conversations.  I called him.  I mean a manager should be able to deal with this right?  Wrong.  Frank was not able to help me.  He was actually very eager not to help me and to give me the same story that UPS never picked up the package and it was yet again my fault and my responsibility.  So finally he said that he was just going to cancel my order and then he proceeded to tell me to have a nice day.  All in all 6 hours spend on the phone doing customer services job for them and 2 weeks paitiently waiting for absolutly nothing.  I have literally spend thousands of dollars here but not again.