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Things Remembered

Things Remembered

Average Rating 3.16/5.0 store rating 31 store reviews
Customer Service 4
On-Time Delivery 5
Author's Rating:
4/5.0 store rating

By:  Damadm
Oct 5, 2001

Great store but a little pricey

Rating: 4/5 stars

Pros:  Great products that are not easy to find.

Cons:  A little bit expensive.

The Bottom Line:  I would definitely recommend this site to a person who is shopping for business associates.

Full Review
I really liked the Things Remembered Online Store. I was able to get some great graduation presents from them. They had a nice selection of business card holders and many other presents that would be perfect for business associates. They have the option of engraving the name onto some of their products. They will also wrap the present for you if you want. Their website is easy to navigate and their shipping is reasonable and on time. They are a great store to buy items that are hard to find but they are a little more expensive than I expected.