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Average Rating 2.21/5.0 store rating 298 store reviews
Customer Service 3
On-Time Delivery 4
Author's Rating:
1/5.0 store rating

By:  sheilaspissed
May 25, 2012

Poor damaged item resolution and website miraculuously experienced glitches when posting bad review.

Rating: 1/5 stars
Full Review
I should've listened to my inner shoper, which said buying online is a bad idea. I couldn't wait to get this lamp, and when put together we found it was missing one of the floor pads - the rubber grip that goes on the bottom to keep the lamp from scratching the floor or sliding around. So, now we've got an unsteady lamp. I contact Target and attempt to get the part. They couldn't find it in their warehouse and repeated tries on both our parts to the manufacturer (in Taiwan) resulted only in a ringing phone. According to Target, my options are to disassemble the lamp and return it to them - but the lamp is only available online, not in-store, so getting my money back could take up to two weeks, try to find the floor pad myself at a hardware store, or get a "damaged item" credit from Target, which is only 10% of the item's price - not the whole price, including shipping. That means $4 back from Target for finding a substitution for a part for their poorly made product They've got my $56, including shipping, and I've got a lop-sided lamp and have to decide if it's worth sending back and trust that the next one won't be similarly inadequate. I am a VERY unsatisfied customer and I do not recommend this lamp.