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Average Rating 2.21/5.0 store rating 298 store reviews
Customer Service 3
On-Time Delivery 4
Author's Rating:
1/5.0 store rating

By:  chrisandfro
Jan 30, 2012

Horrible customer service and no assistance with a fraudulent online charge

Rating: 1/5 stars
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Today I found out that there was a fraudulent charge made at Target using one of my credit cards. I seldom use the card but did use it back in December 2011 to make a purchase from Target online. I reported the charge and cancelled the card with my credit card company but was confused when they said that Target refused to give them any information about the charge so they couldn't not determine whether or not the charge was made in store or online. I then logged into my Target online account but was prompted to re-set my password due to "upgrades" as the company called them. I then called Target and after 1 hour of transfers and 3 dropped calls did not get anywhere. I was told that they could not give me any information on the transaction because it was made on the third party credit card. Then when I asked about the Target online password reset and whether the company had a security breach, the call was conveniently dropped 3 TIMES :). I finally cancelled my Target RED card and removed as much information as I could from my Target online account. Overall, a serious waste of time and customer service was laughable. I wonder if the reps were told to drop the calls when a security breach topic is brought up or whether that's done automatically LOL.