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5/5.0 store rating

By:  sandn
Apr 27, 2012

PrimeStyle is fantastic!!

Rating: 5/5 stars
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My girlfriend loved it!!

I wanted to buy my girlfriend a ring for her birthday.  We spent several weeks looking at rings in local stores.  Most of them contained lesser quality diamonds and were 25-30% less carat weight, yet were priced 3-4 times more than the PrimeStyle ring we liked.

One day I came across PrimeStyle while searching on the Internet.  I was very skeptical of the low pricing and the quality of the ring's picture online wasn't that great either.  Being unable to actually see the ring in person, I felt that I was going to be ripped off.

We finally decided to go ahead and purchase the ring from PrimeStyle, after reading numerous reviews, both good and bad, on the company.

Well, let me tell you, this company is the greatest!!  First of all, we wanted yellow instead of white gold, and their customer service replied back to us immediately and said that we could do that at no extra charge.  Secondly, we were kept informed by emails every step of the way, once we ordered.  Thirdly, it only took 5 days from order to receipt of the ring.  Finally, when the ring arrived, it was in a beautiful gift box with a bow, ready for presentation.

Now, about the ring.  This was the most exquisite ring we had seen among all that we'd looked at.  Brilliant, sparkling, and so much more than the picture of it online.  My girlfriend and I absolutely love it. (Okay, she loves it a lot more than me, but diamonds are a girl's best friend, right?)

So, we bought a better ring, with better diamonds, for about an 80% discount.  Customer service was excellent and the entire process was easy and enjoyable.  David, I don't know how you do it, but we've already recommended PrimeStyle to over a dozen friends.  It's an easy thing to do when they see my girlfriends ring and comment on how beautiful it is.  Once we tell them the story of where we got it and the price we paid, they can't wait to visit your website.

We have a jeweler in our family and can't even get the kind of deal that we got from PrimeStyle.  We will be buying all of our jewelry from you in the future and look forward to stopping by to meet you next time we're inNew York.