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1/5.0 store rating

By:  pace6023
Jul 3, 2012

Rude and useless customer service

Rating: 1/5 stars
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CUSTOMER SERVICE IS RUDE AND USELESS.  I made a simple request about dog treats and whether they were from CHINA.   Problems with China are well known to all animal owners.  If you look at other pet product companies, they clearly state "made in USA" on their treats from America.   They don't (however) say "made in CHINA".   The reason is obvious, but at least they are up-front about the USA treats.
         SO,  customer service at pet mountain tells me to call the company that supplies them.   Like I have to work to protect my dogs from tainted treats.  The tone was rude, and the message was ignorant - given the fact that treats from China have a reputation for causing illness and death.   Pet Mountain could not be bothered to check the safety of their product.   That makes them dangerous,  and useless to me and my animals.  I have bought over $3,000 in dog food and treats just this year (so far), and I expect honest and good service for my business.  
BY COMPARISON, I bought treats from another company (name on request), and when I found they were from China, they credited my account for the full amount - and did NOT request I send the treats back.   I hated to discard them, but my animals are precious.