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Lands' End

Lands' End

Average Rating 4.12/5.0 store rating 116 store reviews
Customer Service 5
On-Time Delivery 5
Author's Rating:
5/5.0 store rating

By:  kda1757
Jul 15, 2007

Very easy to navigate site with quick and accurate orders, but mildly irritating customer service

Rating: 5/5 stars
Full Review
Shopping at Lands' End On-line Store has always been an easy and positive experience. The links and drop-down menus work very well. In the past two years, I have ordered ties, pants, gloves, shirts, and shorts. The delivery speed has always been very fast, and the order accuracy flawless. The orders also look the same, and are consistent with, the descriptions and pictures on the site. Ties can be tricky but Lands' End ties look and feel just as they are described. Customer service is good, but not outstanding. Lands' End has a no questions guarantee on their products, and a pair of no-iron twill pants I ordered began to wear through on the cuff bottom after less than a year, and about 20+ wearings. When I contacted Customer Service, the representative suggested that they would take the return, but that the pants were showing normal wear and tear. I found that an unusual stance for a representative to take, since a $70 pair of pants should be more durable than this. However, they did take the pants back, but it was a bit irritating to feel pressured not to return them. Overall, I like the site, products, and experience of Lands' End on-line. It is far superior to the mail catalog process.