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Average Rating 4/5.0 store rating 84 store reviews
Customer Service 5
On-Time Delivery 5
Author's Rating:
5/5.0 store rating

By:  butchwonders
Dec 15, 2011

A great, reliable store for wardrobe staples of men, women, and children.

Rating: 5/5 stars
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This online store is ridiculously easy to use, which is especially important since unless you live in one of two or three states on the east coast, there's no physical LL Bean store within driving distance of your house. 

Over the past six or seven years, I've purchased dozens of items at LL Bean.  This includes a jacket, several vests, many shirts (both men's and women's), and a handful of other misc. items, such as boxer shorts.  LL Bean has very rarely disappointed me with their quality, and has never disappointed me with their customer service.

Here are my favorite things about shopping at the LL Bean online store:

1. The site seems to cache your shopping cart for a longer time than most sites do. As a result, if you put items in your cart now, and come back to them tomorrow, there's a good chance you will not have lost everything.

2. LL Bean accepts returns forever. Yes, forever. If you got something 3 years ago and the zipper breaks, they will replace it.  (Of course, I don't advocate abusing this policy, because ultimately it would drive up prices for everyone, but I love that it exists, and it means that I can buy something and be sure of the quality.)

3. Returns are a snap. Like I said above, you have an unlimited period of time to return things. They also make it incredibly easy for you to do so. you can use USPS or UPS, and LL Bean will even snail mail you a label that you can use to return an item.  You also have the option of printing out a pre-paid return label on your computer.

4. LL Bean actually seems to care about customer service. Every time I have written or called and asked a question, they have responded promptly. This is something I appreciate, especially in a time where most calling centers seem to be completely outsourced and only marginally useful.

5. The sale page is great, and is updated at least weekly with new items.  Be sure to check there, as the prices are sometimes as much as 50% off (sometimes only because a particular item is in an out-of-season color!).

LL Bean clothes may not fit everyone's tastes.  They're very east coast, a little stuffy, and you'll see more than your fair share of stripes, plaids, and flannel.  But in my experience, it's a great place to get classic pieces such as khakis, jackets, and button-down shirts that will last a very long time.