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Kraft Music

Kraft Music

Average Rating 4.86/5.0 store rating 35 store reviews
Customer Service 4
On-Time Delivery 5
Author's Rating:
5/5.0 store rating

By:  gpc007
Feb 23, 2009

2 great pianos from Kraft Music

Rating: 5/5 stars
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I have purchased 2 pianos over the past 5 years, both of them from Kraft Music.  In each case, I needed a small footprint piano, but one with the feel and sound of an acoustic piano.  These are for young people just learning how to play.

After researching and deciding on the Yamaha brand (P60) I found Kraft through general search engine ... the first time.  After a flawless online purchase, when I need a second piano more recently, I went directly to Kraft online. 

Their website had a merchandising DB error when I tried to order (the order generated a SQL DB error ... perhaps their credit card system was offline), I went to eBay to see if Kraft listed their products there.  They did ... and for the same price.  So I purchased a bundle kit via eBay from Kraft and received the same great service and product. 

I purchased the Yamaha P85 because it is the upgraded version of another Yamaha piano we already enjoy ... the P60.  The Yamaha P85 (P85 = black piano ... P85s = silver color) bundle is a very good deal: piano, furniture sides and back, bench, nice headphones, full triple pedel, and a keyboard cover.  All come professionally packaged in a way that withstands bumping / scraping the outside packaging.  Setup is about 15 minutes ... 6 screws and your furniture base is ready, 4 more screws and your piano is attached ... then plug it in, press ON, and you're playing. 

I highly recommend Kraft Music as a supplier.  They are thorough, FAST, and provide an excellent product at a very good price.