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5/5.0 store rating

By:  opinionated81
Oct 25, 2009

I'd shop on the site again.

Rating: 5/5 stars
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I have always been completely satisfied with the merchandise I have purchased from the Kohl's Web site.  The delivery speed is fantastic, and my orders are always 100 percent accurate.  Customer service is great, which is what I expect since the company places such a huge emphasis on customer service.  If I do not like the merchandise I purchased, it is easily returnable at one of the company’s 1,000+ stores, or I can ship it back.  Great care is taken in ensuring that fragile items are packaged appropriately.  I have purchased quite a few of these types of items, and they have always arrived in perfect condition.

I would strongly recommend that people shop from this Web site.  They can save a lot of money with the already-great prices on sale and clearance merchandise.  In addition, they can apply promotional codes (a maximum of 2 per order) to save even more money.  Search the Internet for codes.  They can even get free standard shipping with codes.  The site has certain promotions where shoppers can save extra by shopping during certain hours.  Customers just have to realize that some sales are better than others, and there is less on sale on certain days.