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5/5.0 store rating

By:  judyjlee50
Jun 6, 2011

Simply the best online jewelry store!

Rating: 5/5 stars
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I just received my latest order today. Once again, I am very happy to have received such a gorgeous pendant from JeGem. The pendant is very attractive and unique; especially the stone is expertly cut. I have been shopping with JeGem for several years now and everything that I have gotten is just beautiful! It is an original and I get so many complements from everyone that sees it. The quality of their craftsmanship plus variety of gemstones is outstanding. They always keep up with the new styles. Their customer service is excellent and knowledgeable. It is the best of all online jewelry stores that I purchased before. Furthermore, the handmade gift boxes are really great too. They are really creative and so special. It actually is a gift itself! And the most important is I never have to worry about getting my order and shipping which is very fast, faster than many online jewelry stores that I used to buy from them. Now, I do not buy from them anymore. Whenever I want to buy jewelry, I just directly shop from JeGem. I highly recommend this company to everyone. Once you get 1 item from them, you will be hooked!!! Thanks so much for everything!