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By:  samanthaz44
May 7, 2012


Rating: 1/5 stars
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I WILL NEVER buy another thing from HSN!!!!!! I bough a mattress on HSN on April 25, 2012 with a 2-5 day delivery time frame. I knew I was moving on May with so I figured I had it covered. On May 3rd I get a phone call stating that my mattress can't be delivered until May 8th! What?!?! Okay, so easy fix right?!?! WRONG!!! I told the delivery dispatcher who called that I needed to change the deliveryaddress. She said that she couldn't do that that I needed to call the supplier, she gave me the way bill number and phone number of a place called Home Direct. I called them and I was told that they couldn't change it that I had to call HSN. So I did. They told me that there's nothing they can do that it already shipped. I saidreckless technically it's sitting with the delivery people. I was told it had to be delivered to the original address and theres no deviation. I then said, Cancel My Order! Mam, she says, i can't do that it already shipped. You will have to wait until it's sent back to us for your credit. What??? When will that be??? Well. Mam, she's says, we do two pick ups a year, and that won't be until August. Are you f-ing kidding?!?!? So, now I'm going to be waiting outside with a mover tomorrow 5/8/2012 my old house within the window of 11:00 am to 3pm for this mattress! Can you believe this??? I will never buy another thing from HSN again!!!!