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FTD Flowers

FTD Flowers

Average Rating 1.67/5.0 store rating 485 store reviews
Customer Service 2
On-Time Delivery 3
Author's Rating:
1/5.0 store rating

By:  ohsuzieqny
Mar 25, 2012

Poor Service, Poor Attitude, Two out of Two times - no flowers delivered

Rating: 1/5 stars
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Ordered flowers for myself to be delivered to myself. I live in a gated community and have ordered flowers from 1-800 which had no problems leaving the flowers at the gate. I always got them. FTD sent me an email stating that the flowers were delivered. I got home and the security said that ftd would not leave them and gave me a note with a phone number to call. Called the number, no answer. Security also said that I would have to go pick up the flowers. I had just bought the gold membership so I wouldn't have to pay delivery charges. I guess gold membership means you don't have to pay delivery because you will have to pick them up. I called ftd complain, stating that the email I received was wrong, because they had not been delivered and I didn't think I should have to pick the flowers up. The person assured me that they would have the flowers sent the next day with an upgrade. Since I planned to be home the next day, I accepted that. I stayed home all day, not even going out on a beautiful day just so that I would be home for the delivery. No delivery. I called that evening to cancel the order and ask for my money back. The person apologized and I got my money back. I did send and email stating my dissatisfaction. And got a lame apology back with assurances that I would would receive good service in the future. (1-800 had given me a free replacement plus 2 discount coupons when I received an arrangement with a broken vase, and the customer service person was sincerely apologetic and very helpful - more than just a lame apology - they backed it up). 2 weeks later my mother orders me flowers from ftd. Again, I'm not home. When I get home I know to look for the flowers, and see none at the gatehouse. I have a message from the security saying that there is a delivery for me. I call the gate house and the security person (not the same person who was there at the delivery) said that there were no flowers nor any message for me. I call my mother to let her know they never came. She had received an email stating that they had been delivered. I told her to call ftd and get her money back. Again, I have ordered flowers from 1-800 and all times (about 4 in all in the space of 3 months) I had no problems getting the flowers. They were left at the gate house which will hold them for me. I strongly suggest others to NEVER use ftd. They seem to think that customer service isn't something that is important (lame apologies don't count) - nor that it is important that the product they sell gets to the recipients. All the representatives I had reached at ft had an attitude of "gee sorry, nothing else to do. Ok, the first one attempted to care, but did not follow through on what she said she would do. I don't think they like their customers too much.

Additional comment:  My mother just ordered flowers to be sent to me.  Never got the first order.  She called them and they said they would get another order out to me.  She called me later in the day and said that they had told her that the flowers were "in transit"  That was 5 hours ago.  I have not received the flowers and was home all day to receive them.  There is something really wrong with FTD.   I guess they figure if 80% of the deliveries make it, they can stay in business.  It is quite obvious that customer service is not high on their list for staying in business