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Dancing Deer Baking Co.

Dancing Deer Baking Co.

Average Rating 4.12/5.0 store rating 33 store reviews
Customer Service 4
On-Time Delivery 5
Author's Rating:
5/5.0 store rating

By:  david_seidell
Nov 30, 2011

Very impressive customer service. Great taste. Certified Humane animal products. Earth-friendly packaging.

Rating: 5/5 stars
Full Review
I was recently introduced to several Dancing Deer products. First of all, their cookies are delicious. The chocolate chip cookies are perfect, and my favorite. Their package claims that their eggs are "cage-free". USDA requirements for this claim are only that the animals are, at some point, allowed access to the outside. "Outside" is not subject to any requirements as far as size, cleanliness, or time.
I wanted to confirm that their "cage-free" eggs were actually cage-free, and not just technically so.
(In case you're wondering, they actually do mean cage free. Their birds are kept in humane conditions and can engage in their natural behaviors. Basically, a really great life for a chicken. They are provided shelter from inclement weather, kept in a clean, warm barn and are free to socialize with other birds. Their barn is spacious.)
I called their 1-800 number I found on their package (which is made completely from recycled materials and is printed with a request to please re-recycle) and was connected with a representative within thirty seconds.
I spoke with a representative at their customer service office and was very impressed. He was friendly, polite and professional. He understood my question and promised to get an answer as soon as possible. He answered my question to my satisfaction and provided third-party resources I was able to use to verify their claims.

I won't be buying store-brand cookies any longer - I'll be getting everything from their site.