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By:  geothrills
Jun 22, 2010

A Deceptive and Dishonest Business

Rating: 1/5 stars
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I submitted an online order April 25th for one new APC Back-UPS RS 1200 from Compuvest, ultimately receiving a defective AND lesser model (the RS 1000). When I first plugged the unit into a standard grounded wall outlet (before I noticed that it was not even the model I ordered), it began to smoke profusely within only a minute or two. I called Compuvest the following morning, but was informed by their phone rep that as 48 hours had passed since delivery, they would not immediately approve a return, but that I could contact their manager via email. I did this, but the manager Ms. Alina Ziyad provided a similar excuse, namely that too much time had passed since the delivery date to process the return. My email to her was dated some two weeks and a day after delivery of the defective and incorrect product. Upon my reply pleading for proper fullfillment of my order, Compuvest severed all communication and I took my case up with the BBB and initiated a formal dispute with American Express. Ultimately, my card issuer refunded the charges to me on June 8th. Low and behold, on June 18th the BBB gets a response from Compuvest noting some totally unrelated "common problems" that lead to a misunderstanding, and that they have refunded me in full of their own free will. BS. Only after I disputed the charges with AmEx were the funds returned. Don't feed these crooks, it appears that they have been up to this sort of thing for a while, evidenced by a press release from the WA state Attorney General's office dated 9/6/2006 announcing a settlement with CompuVest over similar deceptive practices. Ref: