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Average Rating 1.56/5.0 store rating 41 store reviews
Customer Service 2
On-Time Delivery 3
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1/5.0 store rating

By:  edpl2
Feb 2, 2012


Rating: 1/5 stars
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Teenagers! Mothers! Professionals! Men! Women!:  Buyer Be Ware!  Do not order from Bloomingdales for Prom (that would be a catastrophe!), formal, parties, work, play, or any occasion!

  They deliver damaged, used goods to you, and then it quickly becomes YOUR problem! Trying to fix the problem is a WASTE of your time.  The CUSTOMER SERVICE from the bottom escalated up to the executive level is THE WORST!  The executive team is like a bunch of thugs.  Rude and horrible people!

  They offer a $50 gift card to compensate for the "inconvenience" -- as if that will erase the bad taste as well as the hours' worth of wasted time. They HOPE you will not notice that the item you purchased has been USED!  You are put through the wringer that will wear you out!  Then, if you tell them how bad they are, they will PUNISH you by BLOCKING your gift card!  This company knows no shame!   I will NEVER shop at Bloomingdales again!  Or Macy's -- which owns Bloomingdales!  -- same calibur of people running it.  These 2 companies have gone down down down.  Not what they used to be!  Buyer Be Ware! 

Better stick to Nieman Marcus and Nordstrom, both of which have excellent customer service.  They're not run by a bunch of thugs.