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By:  setufe
Jan 16, 2012

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I have had wonderful transactions with Amazon. I have run into two instances out of several purchases where the items were damaged/did not work and I was allowed to send back with free shipping. Items come when promised and are packaged well. If the items are sent via UPS, which most of them are, tracking is a breeze. You know exactly where your item is at all times. 

I have ordered numerous items from Amazon--watches, clothing, toys, a comforter, a pillow-top mattress, shoes, books, rings, display solar system, utencils, flatware, cookware, baby safety gates, food items, toothbrush replacement heads, a vacuum, a carpet cleaner, a steam cleaner, tools, a phone jack, phones, educational toys, growth charts, a baby swing, vitamins, a bottle brush cleaner, a baby carrier, a nursing cover, laundry detergent, a heating pad, a nose trimmer and furniture. These purchases were just for 2011. My purchasing history goes way far back with Amazon.

What I do to ensure a good transaction: 1) Read reviews and study the negatives. Check whether there are similarities amongst the negative reviews. If people say the same thing about a product, chances are that it's deficient. 2) Study the pictures by zooming in. Check the quality of the item. 3) Read the product descriptions. If the product description is a bit vague, it may indicate that the seller does not take pride in his/her items for sale. 

If an item looks remotely "bad," I won't get it. I also weigh out why a review was ranked so low because some people will review the seller rather than the item and the ratings become inaccurate. It's good to know about shipping and such, but the real intent on the ratings is to guage whether the product performs according to the seller's promises.      

Best of luck!