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4/5.0 store rating

By:  dmwowo
Oct 8, 2002

Amazon for the Abroad

Rating: 4/5 stars
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I've been buying from Amazon for about three years and have always been happy with my purchases - condition, price and delivery time. I'm an Australian living in the USA and by using Amazon my family have sent me Christmas and birthday gifts directly - including gift wrapping which is always a bonus! Unfortunately, I cannot reciprocate because the prices for shipping to Australia through Amazon are exorbitant!

I also have all of my films developed through the Amazon Ofoto service and I have been equally pleased with them - except perhaps an order for what I thought would be cards but turned out to be postcards - However, I could still use them and didn't need or want to exchange.

While I really enjoy sitting in a real Borders store listening to music, reading, with a nice coffee and great service, I also love shopping on Amazon because I don't have to battle crowds and I can search on a whim and follow a thought to find lots of links.

I also love that Amazon provides recommendations based on my purchases and those made by other people.

I'm glad that Amazon has grown and has so much variety and I will be a customer for a long time yet.