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Sony PlayStation Vita (Latest Model)- Black Handheld System (PSV22031)

Sony PlayStation Vita (Latest Model)- Black Handheld System (PSV22031)

Powered by high performance ARM Cortex-A9 core (4 core) CPU, the Sony PlayStation Vita offers stunning graphics. For rich visuals, this... Read More
Powered by high performance ARM Cortex-A9 core (4 core) CPU, the Sony PlayStation Vita offers stunning graphics. For rich visuals, this video game console features an OLED screen. This Sony Wi-Fi handheld system easily connects to the Internet and seamlessly accesses content. The social gaming feature of this video game console allows you to invite friends for a game. Enhance your gaming experience with the built-in cameras and GPS of this Sony Wi-Fi handheld system that give you a realistic and location-based experience. The Sony PlayStation Vita supports the PlayStation network, easily connecting to the PS3 to give you a rich playing experience. Minimize
Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars
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By:   umershaikh55
Mar 21, 2012
Sony PlayStation Vita (Latest Model)- Black Handheld System (PSV22031)

Similar yet so different

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: Highly modern gaming experience, completely irresistible.

Cons: Battery Life poor
Quite expensive 

The Bottom Line: 
Better than the original PSP
Addictive beyond belief
The ultimate gaming experience by far.

Author's Review

First of all the specs of the PS vita have to be considered. The LED screen is magnificent, provides the best graphics I have seen to this date on a portable console, which ultimately brings games and the whole gaming experience to life. Games such as FiFA and Need for speed provide cutting edge graphics, which illuminate both the screen and you yourself. Therefore in terms of graphics, the PS Vita has obviously succeeded.
Next comes  gameplay. The PS Vita provides top quality, addictive and smooth gameplay, which completely relaxes the game player, sets him at ease and ultimately provides him/her with the best gaming experience. Although some games seem to lag at times I have found in my opinion, like constantly playing a racing game, the gameplay still manages to overpower you for a great deal of time, of course you get bored from time to time but there is a striping force pulling you back to the Vita over and over again. Therefore the gameplay, I have found to be just below perfect. It is no substitute for the PS3, but it still does the trick.
The rear touch pad. At first it seemed hard to handle and get used to, but after some time it grows on you. The annoying instances I have found is accidental touching of the back pad. Nonetheless after a period of a week, I got completely used to the rear touch pads and found them to be extremely useful at times because you don't need to press down on a button, simply touch and run, which makes life so much simpler especially if you're lazy.
Weight and mobility. The PS Vita is not heavy not is it light, which makes it a reasonable device to carry around, It certainly won't fit in your pocket but carrying it around on it's own isn't so bad. 
Screen specs. The screen is extremely durable I have found after I dropped my Vita screen first onto solid concrete and not a single scratch! The screen size is very reasonable at 4.3 inches, a perfect size that is not too big and not too small. The multi-touch facility is more fun than it is useful. There are not many instances where you can use it apart from gaming, but even that gets a bit annoying. 
Price. The PS Vita is in my opinion priced strangely. You can get it from amazon in US dollars for $250 at the cheapest I have found, yet the Uk Amazon offers it for £250. Thus meaning that it is much cheaper from Amazon in US dollars. Since the 3G facility in my opinion is not that necessary because most places now have open wifi, there is not much point getting the 3G version. The wifi version is the best option and also a cheaper option because 3G does not really add much value to the console, on top of that a monthly subscription is required.
Comparison with the old PSP (Not PSP Go). The PS Vita has two analog sticks compared to one. This is far more useful than the old PSP because now camera toggle and other features are much more accessible. It also gives the PSP a better look from the front, more even. Touch screen facility - The PS Vita is advancing into new modern technology, which makes the gadget lucrative itself and also exciting for first time players and users of touch screen. There are no problems in the touch screen, which makes it all the more irresistible. Compared to the old PSP, people were getting bored of just button pushing. The most convenient thing by far in the new PS Vita is the fact that games are downloaded as opposed to on discs. This makes life so much easier, not worried about scratches or losing games. This also provides flexibly, you no longer have to carry around the games you want to play, you can access any of your downloaded games and keep switching.
Overall, in my opinion, the PS Vita has succeeded and lured in consumers at a great success. People are highly addicted to it and find it an improvement of the original PSP. The PS Vita also offers educational games, which makes it an all round perfect gamin platform an credit must be given to Sony.

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