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Samsung 7000 Series UN55D7000LF 55" 3D-Ready 1080p HD LED LCD Internet TV

Samsung 7000 Series UN55D7000LF 55" 3D-Ready 1080p HD LED LCD Internet TV

Finally, entertainment and communication go hand in hand.The future of TV connectivity is calling, and the 55 Samsung UN55D7000 LED TV is... Read More
Finally, entertainment and communication go hand in hand.The future of TV connectivity is calling, and the 55 Samsung UN55D7000 LED TV is the answer with the power of WiFi and Skype built right into the set. Making video calls in real time is a breeze, and both audio and video quality are crystal-clear. Samsung widens your view of what a TV can do, with advanced online connectivity known as Smart TV enhanced web access and a wide range of apps. To top it all off, Samsung 3D technology immerses you in another world with a depth and clarity from 3D movies titles and TV programming that you have to see to believe. It s all wrapped up in an ultra slim Samsung One Design .5 inch bezel, for a more screen appearance. Minimize
Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars
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By:   glenn_welt
Apr 25, 2011
Samsung 7000 Series UN55D7000LF 55" 3D-Ready 1080p HD LED LCD Internet TV

Best LED TV I've seen (to date)

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: 55" fits in space of 46" LED TV thanks to thin bezel. Superbright picture.

Cons: QWERTY keyboard remote is mailed 8 to 12 weeks after purchase. Chrome stand reflects light.

The Bottom Line: 
Best new 55" LED TV you can buy online today for under $1800 (more in brick&mortar stores).

Author's Review
Every January I visit the CES Show in Vegas to witness what will be in stores 3 to 9 months later. Years ago Sony was the name I and many others considered #1. Today I believe it's Samsung.

The UN55D7000 was first announced with a $3099 MSRP price. When I saw one on display last week at Best Buy, it looked pretty good at $2699. Thing that excited me the most was the extremely thin bezel (frame). At only 48" width, it meant I could now use it in a corner setting where my older 50" Samsung DLP sat. Weighing only 35 pounds and being 1" thick also meant that getting up a flight of stairs would be much easier than any other big screen I've ever owned.
Shopping the web netted several lower prices in the $2360 to $2380 range, including delivery to my USA home.  Fry’s Electronics has recently started advertising that they would match ANY internet or local brick & mortar prices so I drove to their store near my home with a printout from the web in my back pocket. Didn’t see the UN55D7000 on display so asked a salesman for help. He quickly found it in their computer, said they had just received 11 of them and the store price was $1999. Aside from saying I wanted to buy one, I asked if this TV included the QWERTY keyboard/remote and was told it was in the box. That info was incorrect as I discovered when I unpacked my new TV about 30 minutes later.

When you turn the TV on you are greeted with a Smart TV logo and then the picture appears in about 3 seconds. No clicking or fan noises as with my former DLP TVs.

The UN55D7000 is so bright that even with direct sunlight coming in from 2 glass sliding doors, I had to turn the brightness down to 40 (on 1 to 100 scale). Have not touched any other picture settings which means the techs at Samsung and I completely agree on color saturation, tint and contrast. Although the screen has a high gloss finish, I'm not seeing as much glare or reflection as with my former LG that has a solid glass front. Kudos to Samsung for retaining a gloss finish that enriches colors without lots of reflective glare. Speaking of colors, I am also happy to see that Samsung eliminated the red trim from prior year models. The new thin bezel is clear and does not distract from TV viewing.

Samsung includes a small cloth for wiping the screen but fingerprints are easily removed with any microfiber cloth or towel (no liquids required). 

Audio is on par with every other flat screen I've tested or purchased over the past 5 years, so I keep the TV muted and feed sound via the optical output to my Home Theatre System.

Because the TV is only 1" thick, attaching my 4 HDMI cables was a tad harder than usual due to the sideways sockets.

Connecting wi-fi was as simple as entering the password for my router. As soon as I had that connection, the TV automatically downloaded and updated internet browser and other software. Prior to the purchase of tthis TV, I had my 46" LG connected to my PC as a 3rd monitor. By using an HDMi cable from PC to TV, I was able to watch shows in 1920x1080 resolution. However that high res made it tough to manipulate on screen controls or surf the web on the TV. I'm happy to say that the Samsung automatically reduces resolution so the browser and controls are larger and much easier to use. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to truly enjoy surfing the web on my newest big screen from the comfort of bed until the QWERTY keyboard/remote arrives in 8 to 12 weeks because Samsung makes you register your new purchase online or by mail and then sends it to you. Not sure why they are doing it this way, especially since the regular remote is in the box along with enough AAA batteries for both remotes.

Aside from waiting for the keyboard remote, I’ve only found one other temporary dislike. The TV comes with a stand that is 100% chrome plated and the reflections during daylight are annoying and distracting. I found a VideoSecu ML520EB wall mount on for $44 delivered that swings, tilts and includes the bracket I need to mate up with the four 400mm x 400mm VESA mounts on the back of the TV. If you elect to wall mount this TV you will need four M8 screws that are at least 7/8" in length. The TV does not include these screws nor did the wall mount I purchased but a quick visit to Lowe's solved that problem for $2.

Last thing I did to complete my new set-up was reprogramming my Logitech Harmony One universal remote. I was pleased to see that Logitech already has this UN55D7000 model in their database so now everything is working perfectly.

MAY 2, 2011 UPDATE: Despite advertising that the QWERTY keyboard would be shipped in 8 to 12 weeks, I received an email from Samsung 10 days after my purchase (and online registration) that says my keyboard has been shipped. Next update after I receive and test the new keyboard.

MAY 5, 2011 UPDATE: Received the QWERTY keyboard by U.S. Mail 3 days after Samsung emailed me saying it waas shipped. Surprise #1 was that they included 4 additional AAA batteries for it. After installing the batteries you have to pair the remote to your TV. Turn on your TV. You MUST hold the remote within 20" of your TV while pressing the SYM and TAB buttons simultaneously for at least 2 seconds. When the connection is made you'll see a pop-up in lower left of your TV screen. From that point you can start using all the SMART functions by simply pressing SMART HUB button on the remote. I selected BROWSER, was on the web in about 3 seconds, typed in a web address and pressed ENTER. Next surprise was that while on the web, you still hear the Tv sound and your TV show appears in lower right corner of screen in a box approx 8" wide. On the other side of the remote you have the normal Tv control buttons plus a small section of 4 buttons that samsung calls SOCIAL TV. With so much more than a normal TV, it will takle me a while to try everything. Give me a a few days and then you'll find my next update with further details.

MAY 13, 2011 UPDATE: New TV required a new Home Theatre System with 3D Blu-Ray. After looking at all the 2011 Samsung, LG & Sony models, I chose the 2010 Samsung HT-C6600 for several reasons:
1. Top (vs. front) touch controls. If you're sitting the unit on a low shelf it's easier to see & control for times wwhen not using the remore.
2. Two HDMI IN ports. For $375 (Amazon including delivery) you get same # of HDMI ports that costs $425 to $600 on 2011 models.
3. HDMI feed-through handles full surround sound. My former JVC Home theatre System taught me that having HDMI In and OUT ports does not necessarily mean that 5.1 or 7.1 sound will pass through and after spending hours readding User Manuals for many Home Theatre Systems I was very disappointed to see that NONE of the manufacturers mention if they pass stereo or full surround sound signals through their HDMI ports.
4. Single Function control. Despite spending $200 for my Harmony One Remote, never could get it to switch between devices 100% of the time because my JVC Home Theatre System hsad separate swithcing for the DVD tray and other functions. The Samsung HT-C6600 works flawlessly (and faster).
Much more nice things to say about the HT-C6600 so look for my epinions review on it to be posted in a day or two.
5. Without ANY programming, the TV remote or Home Theatre remote can be used to control both devices including that switching either device ON or OFF does the same to the other.

3D GLASSES: Curiosity sent me to buy a pair along with a 3D DVD just so I could see if there if it's a "flash in the pan'  gimmick or something I might actually enjoy. Drove to my local Fry's expecting to see a price tag of  $50 to $100 but was shocked to find they had the Samsung SSG-3100GB on sale for $32.55 on May 15, 2011 ! They only has 2 pair in stock so I got there just in time. Since I must wear either regular reading glasses or contact lenses to have decent vision, I'll have to put in my contacts before I can try the 3D glasses. I'll update this review after I test the 3D Active Glasses and DVD. Glasses not working but have already learned 2 things about them:
1. They use a 3V battery #CR2025 which sells for as little as $1 each.
2. When you take them out of the box you'll see little color tags hanging from the bottom of the left and right lenses. Remove these. They are simply protectors during shipping.
3. I suggets testing them BEFORE you leave the store to make sure the power switch works (look for indicator light). In other words, I got a defective pair of glasses that is being returned and frankly after seeing the paltry selection of fare on 3D, I think I stick with 2D for now.

JUNE 5, 2011 UPDATE: If you have this TV and get a Samsung Galaxy S2 Smartphone, you'll be able to link the 2 via wi-fi and watch Tv shows on the smartphone. No word yet regarding if this will also apply to Hercules (the Tmobile version of Galaxy S2).

JUNE 22, 2011 UPDATE: Still loving this new Samsung TV after 2 months of daily use. No problems with wifi or anything else.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2011 UPDATE: One VERY annoying thing started happening with my TV a few weeks ago. One of my neighbors (yet to be identified) is changing my input settings when they use their remote control. It happens at random times and sometimes several times a night so I know it's not a mechanical issue with my TV. The homes around me are less than 50 feet apart so it could be any 1 of 5 neighbors. Only solutions I can think of are to start lining my interior walls with tin foil or move my TV!

FEBRUARY 27, 2012 UPDATE: Having attended the 2012 CES Show and visited the major retail stores since then, I came away with 2 observations: This TV is still THE BEST 55" I've seen and even more surprising is that a few brick&mortar retailers are charging the same and even a bit more for it than a year ago. I can't recall EVER buying a TV that went up in price after a year!

JULY 21, 2012 UPDATE: Over a year since buying this TV and I've yet to see ANY with a better picture. Yes, the latest model has face recognition but I don't like that little "hump" they added to the top edge and I have a Harmony One Remote that turns on my TV, Home Theatre and Dish Hopper all at the same time so just controlling the Tv is of no use to me. I find it amazing that after more than a year, this model seems to be retaining almost 100% of full value (a first for any TV I've owned).  Best TV I've ever owned but if/when I see a new one with features I value, they'll be a new review from me on this website.  Not expecting to see anything new or exciting until at least January 2013 (the next CES Show).

SEPTEMBER 4, 2012 UPDATE: This was bound to happen and I might start telling people that Samsung TVs aren't the best because one of my neighbors recently got the same or a similar Samsung TV. I know this ONLY because once or twice a night THEY ARE CHANGING MY TV with their remote control! This happened to me years ago when I had 2 Sony rear projection TVs. I guess it's the price we pay when we choose to own the BEST TVs!

OCTOBER 15, 2012 UPDATE: Either my neighbor with a similar Samsung TV has moved or got a new TV because I'm back in full control with my remote. Rcent visit to the major retail stores continue to confirm that none of the manufactureres have introduced any new TVs to convince my eyes that there's a better one deserving of my purchase. 

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