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X2: Wolverine's Revenge (Microsoft Xbox, 2003) Video Games

X2: Wolverine's Revenge (Microsoft Xbox, 2003)

In his first starring role on a home console since 1994, Wolverine claws his way past the heavily guarded areas of Dept. H to piece... Read More
In his first starring role on a home console since 1994, Wolverine claws his way past the heavily guarded areas of Dept. H to piece together fragmented clues to his murky past and, more importantly, to save his life. Released as a promotional tie-in to director Bryan Singer's live action movie X2, the game has an original story penned by famed comic book writer Larry Hama. Wolverine has 48 hours to find an antidote to a deadly toxin circulating in his bloodstream. The clues point to Dept. H and the Weapon X facility, the Canadian fortress responsible for creating the tenacious warrior in the first place.<br><br>The action is played from a third-person perspective as players fight a number of armored soldiers, mutant creatures, and archenemies such as Sabretooth, Magneto, Wendingo, and Juggernaut. While Professor X will be able to assist Wolverine with powers of telekinesis, the surly comic book hero must ultimately carry out his adventure alone. To that end, players must tap into Wolverine's unique talents to overcome all manner of obstacles. Wolverine will be able to hunt and track his prey using his heightened sense of smell and ability to detect body heat. As Wolverine makes his way through the military compounds, he will need to avoid defense systems and guards, and find ways into locked rooms to discover the information he needs to survive. <br><br>When engaged in combat, Wolverine can retract and release his Adamantium claws at any time to perform slashing attacks, aerial combos, and a number of different throws. Wolverine's atypical healing ability allows him to withstand punishment that would kill an average human being, but he can become wounded over time. Sustaining major injuries triggers a feral rage, imbuing Wolverine with greater strength and the ferocity to take on multiple foes at once. Veteran actor Mark Hamill provides the voice-over for Wolverine, while Patrick Stewart reprises his film role as Professor X. Minimize
Key Features
Genre Action, Adventure
Rating T - Teen
Platform Microsoft Xbox
Tech Details
Release Year 2003
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Other Features
Brand Activision