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2000 Toyota Tundra

2000 Toyota Tundra

Toyota re-releases its full size pick-up with the introduction of the new Tundra. The Tundra, larger and stronger than the T100, is... Read More
Toyota re-releases its full size pick-up with the introduction of the new Tundra. The Tundra, larger and stronger than the T100, is available with an optional V8 engine that boasts the first L.E.V. (low emission vehicle) rating by the EPA in the segment. Both 2WD and 4WD are available in either a Regular Cab or an Access Cab, with dual side access panels. The high-end Limited model features color-keyed bumpers, fender flares and outside mirrors, as well as power windows and door locks. Optional equipment includes four-wheel ABS, daytime running lights and a Limited Leather Trim Package. 4WD models offer an optional Off-Road Package, which includes off-road suspension, heavy-duty shock absorbers and BF Goodrich tires with aluminum alloy wheels. Minimize
Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars
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By:   glacier
Jul 14, 2001
2000 Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tundra--How About Them Apples!

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: Great Power, Nice Package, Very quiet, Smooth Ride

Cons: Cost, Backseat Space, Driver Visibility

Ease of Loading: 5

The Bottom Line: 
If driving a truck to you means stiff suspension, poor handling, considerable lean, and sluggish power, the Tundra is not for you.

Author's Review
This is not a truck, it's a dream. I test drove a Tundra when I was looking at the Highlander a few months back (review to come). After emerging disappointed from that mini-suv, I told the salesman I wanted something large enough for four with good power, quiet ride and considerable space.

To my surprise, this salesman, who actually worked on the Lexus side of the Toyota dealership, told me to test drive the Tundra. I was a bit shocked. Lexus, the pinnacle of quality and workmanship, was sending me to test drive a pickup. Well, he was right on the money, and I can't get this truck out of my mind.

I'm not a truck guy at all. I drive a Honda Civic. The only truck I've actually owned was the Mazda B2000, which, as some of you may know, scarcely fits two people. My wife's Mitsubishi Montero is the only thing I can compare it to, and the Montero pales in everything but visibility, seat comfort, and room. The latter should be expected, given the Montero is an SUV.

I could not possibly imagine myself in a full-sized truck--until I drove this sweet thing.

The Tundra does not feel like a truck, or even an SUV.
The steering is extremely responsive, the suspension is soft as silk, the acceleration is magnificent. I thought I was driving a BMW 740i (which I've ridden in a few times).
That v-8 engine is a 245 hp powerhouse, and every Tundra owner I've met just raves about it. Sure, the mpg is around 14/17, but truck owners expect those kind of numbers.

They've done a great job centering the weight of the vehicle between the wheels, virtually eliminating the lean you expect from trucks and SUVs. You can see this by looking at it from the front of the vehicle; it's kind of a triangle shape--wider at the wheels.

The styling is perfect for me--sleek, smooth, understated. I will not drive LandRovers or Mercedes SUVs just because they try to say too much about the driver. This is not the case with the Tundra. You can drive this truck confident the design will hold for years to come.

Cons (far outweighed by the Pros)
The bucket seats (captains chairs?) are definitely not as comfortable as they could be, although better than adequate. I'd recommend raising them a bit and providing more leg room. It has enough, but taller passengers will feel a bit tight. The arm rests are nice, but they have no adjustment, they are either up or down.

The head room could be increased a bit. I'm sure the designers had to compromise here to eliminate the lean as well as they did. An option would be to widen the wheelbase, but that may be extreme.

The back seats have no adjustment because they jutt up against the back window. Although the room is good, passengers will not be able to recline. This is the largest complaint I've heard regarding these trucks. I'm expecting them to fix this one. The Tacoma does an excellent job in this category, and I don't see why the Tundra wouldn't follow suit.

Toyota has done it again. This truck is destined to stick. Although I'm waiting a few more years for them to fix some of the minor details before purchasing, this truck will be fixed in my mind until then. Bravo to anyone who has purchased the Tundra.


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