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2000 Toyota Sienna

2000 Toyota Sienna

The 2000 Sienna is now offering fewer option packages in comparison to last years model. The dual air conditioning is standard on all... Read More
The 2000 Sienna is now offering fewer option packages in comparison to last years model. The dual air conditioning is standard on all models except the base CE model. Other useful features are Toyotas standard tire pressure warning system, which alerts the driver of a low pressure tire. An optional power right-side sliding door is available on LE and XLE models. The Anti-Theft Device features an engine immobilizer. Safety equipment included are daytime running lights, a front passenger seat belt warning system and a panic button for the remote keyless entry system. Several optional Upgrade Packages and Extra Value Packages are available for all models. A Towing Package and Aluminum Wheels are also available options. Minimize
Author's Rating: Rating: 2/5 stars
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By:   katykev
Mar 26, 2001
2000 Toyota Sienna

Nuisance after nuisance

Author's Rating: Rating: 2/5 stars

Pros: safe, attractive looking, nice ride

Cons: price, many nuisances, service

Ease of Conversion: 4

The Bottom Line: 
I would not recommend the Sienna. Based on our experience, the car is nothing but aggravation that does not look to stop but will, probably, continue beyond the 3yr/36K warranty.

Author's Review
In August 2000, we were considering the Honda Odyssey or the Toyota Sienna. Both were comparable in price. Availability was the issue--6-8 weeks for a Toyota versus 4 months for the Honda. We went with the Toyota LE.

The car took a bit longer than expected. Our dealer, however, offered us every car that came onto the lot prior to the arrival of our own. The night we picked it up, the trim piece surrounding the ignition fell off as the dealer inserted the key. I should have refused the car on the spot--an omen--but we were desperate. Service glued it back on.

That same week, as I was driving around in the rain, the car began to fog up. I attempted to put the defroster such luck. Toyota told me to bring it right in. It was dangerous to drive and I refused. When we finally brought it in (on a bright, sunny day) they were unable to replicate the problem. And the problem has persisted to this day.

The two 12 volt adapters--in the dashboard/lighter area and in the rear--do not work and never have. Trim pieces have fallen off throughout the car. A piece of the roof rack blew off on I-95. The defroster continues to give me problems. While this is all covered under Toyota's 3yr/36K mile warranty. This is not the car I expected, given Toyota's reputation. We have had the car serviced only at Toyota. So, I feel it must be a fault with the car. Additionally, we have neighbors and friends with Sienna's who are quite happy. And my parents have been pleased with their Corolla and, most recently, their Camry. Which leads me to believe it is our particular car.

With this thought in mind, I contacted Toyota Corporation customer service to inquire about an extended warranty to cover these odd problems after the 3yr/36k warranty. Toyota Corporation than referred me back to our local service department who refused my request. Instead they said I could talk to the finance manager to purchase an extended warranty. While they agree,as does the Corporation, that our car has had more than the average amount of problems--they are of the mindset that mechanical products have problems. It is to be expected. And, while I agree with that, I would like to have LESS problems. I would like to be happy like our neighbor, like our friends, like my family. Our local Toyota has refused to provide us with this courtesy. And Toyota Corporation stands behind them--the decision is final, so sayeth the Customer Service Supervisor at Toyota Corporation.

I would not recommend a Toyota. I wish we had waited for the Odyssey. I am very disappointed with Toyota's customer service attitude. And I am VERY disappointed with our car. Thanks for listening and best of luck to you in your minivan search.


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