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1995 Supra Auto Parts and Accessories

1995 Supra

Toyota revived its sports car in the summer of 1993--more potent and far more costly than the 1986-92 generation. Unchanged this year, Supras again came in base and Turbo form.
Product Review Summary
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Overall Rating: Rating: 4.0/5 stars
Reliability: 3
Handling And Control: 5
Roominess: 3
Seat Comfort: 4
Build Quality 4
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By: alcj
Apr 14, 2005

The Supra Cannot Be Replaced

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: Performance, Exterior Looks, Rarity, Resale Value, Interior feel/looks.

Cons: Parts/Repair Cost, Frequent Tire Replacements, Rarity,

Bottom Line:
This is a car for a mature person who knows how to drive. This car rewards with great performance and an exotic shape that stands out. Read More at

By: imprtracr1
Jan 5, 2000

a detuned supercar!!

Author's Rating: Rating: 5/5 stars

Pros: incredible power potential,good looks,great value

Cons: little back seats-thats all !! Read More at

By: stopwastincash
Jul 26, 2006

Very Expensive To Own

Author's Rating: Rating: 4/5 stars

Pros: stong,sleek and fun!

Cons: Expensive to repair

Bottom Line:
I do recommend Toyota Supra.I have friends who also own these cars troublefree.Mine was abused before I bought it.Therefore that shouldn't reflect on the Supra. Read More at

By: andrzejkurdyla
Apr 12, 2000

Automatic SE

Author's Rating: Rating: 4/5 stars

Pros: looks, handling

Cons: road noise, insurance rating Read More at

By: xdevil
Dec 18, 2000

Toyota lacks customer service

Author's Rating: Rating: 2/5 stars

Pros: Great performance, great styling

Cons: Incredibly lousy customer service Read More at